In addition to the online move, the SATs are getting shorter.

SATs to move exclusively online in 2024 with adaptive format

Jarek RutzHeadlines, Education

The SATs – a standardized test widely used for college admissions and mandated in Delaware – will be taken exclusively online for First State students starting in 2024. “The College Board is moving to a full digital adaptive test,” said Theresa Bennett, director of the Office of Assessment at the Delaware Department of Education.  Adaptive tests vary the difficulty level …

Secretary Holodick weighed the pros and cons of Delaware's SAT requirement.

Should Vo-techs do away with the SAT tests?

Jarek RutzHeadlines, Education

Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Holodick wondered aloud Thursday night about whether it’s effective for Vo-tech students who are focused on a pathway to a job to have to take the Scholastic Assessment Test. The State Board of Education was discussing assessments and accountability when Holodick began talking about the SATs.  The SATs have been around for almost a century …