Realty transfer tax

GOP move to cut realty transfer tax tossed onto trash heap

Betsy PriceGovernment, Headlines

  Another Republican attempt to lower the costs of buying a house by reducing taxes associated with it was shot down along party lines Wednesday. Rep. Lyndon Yearick’s House Bill 343 would have dropped the real estate transfer tax from 4% now to $3% in January 2018. That was the rate it was in 2016 before being raised in 2017 …


Delaware still working on 32,000 tax refunds, new system

Sam HautGovernment, Headlines

Less than 10% of Delawareans who were due refunds when they filed their taxes are still waiting on them. Since the beginning of 2023, the Delaware Department of Finance has received more than  387,000 requests for a 2022 tax refund. Its completed 355,641 of those requests, which totaled about $230 million. The number of outstanding tax refunds is about the …

Del. tax booklets delayed in delivery to libraries

Ken MammarellaGovernment, Headlines

A problem with the supply of paper delayed the printing of Delaware personal income tax booklets. A problem with paper supplies has delayed the printing and distribution of Delaware’s personal income tax booklets. Public libraries got their first copies on Tuesday. The state ordered 30,000 resident tax booklets and 10,000 non-resident tax booklets. “Paper copies of Delaware tax forms were …