DelawareLive April 14

DelawareLIVE Weekly Review – April 14, 2024

Sonja FreyDelaware Live, Weekly Review

This Week’s Review Includes: State moves to control hospital budgets to lower health costs Longwood’s tulips will hit peak bloom now through next week Could Congress hinder future Middletown pharma campus? Environmental bill would ban six-pack plastic rings in 2025 William Penn, Del Tech launch pathway to expand nursing pipeline Smyrna’s Dixon takes down No. 9 Gators Click on the …

WuXi Congress

Could Congress hinder future Middletown pharma campus?

Jacob OwensBusiness, Headlines

The Congressional committee that pushed for a ban or sale of the social media platform TikTok is now scrutinizing a Chinese pharmaceutical company that happens to be developing a major taxpayer-supported manufacturing campus in Middletown. In January, the committee’s leadership introduced legislation that would prohibit the company called WuXi AppTec – as well as certain other Chinese-owned firms – from receiving federal …