DelTech is seeking $525,000 in state funding for salary competitiveness.

DelTech questioned about extra salary funding, pay discrepancy 

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It was higher education day in the Joint Finance Committee Thursday, in which the big three state institutions ‚Äď University of Delaware, Delaware State University and Delaware Technical Community College ‚Äď made their cases for millions in state funding. DelTech, which has $100,460,200 penciled in through the Governor’s Recommended Budget, is asking for additional $525,000 for salary competitiveness, which the …

Delaware Tech Croda

Croda helps DelTech buy critical safety training equipment

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A sustainable chemical manufacturer with a plant in New Castle has joined with Delaware Technical Community College to buy a training system that will allow students to practice critical industry safety procedures. Croda Inc.’s donation allowed DelTech to buy a¬†new DAC Worldwide Lockout/Tagout Training System. The realistic, hands-on training equipment simulates standard lockout/tagout procedures vital to the safety of people …