Reading Assist released promising performance results from last school year Monday.

Reading Assist: 89% of kids gained reading skills this year 

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A nonprofit focused on improving literacy rates says that 89% of the students it helped in the last year met standards for at least one early foundational reading skill. Reading Assist said that’s a nearly 20% improvement from the 2021-2022 school year, during which 70% of students reached at least one benchmark. “Our students exceeded our expectations this year with …

Reading Assist helps about 1,000 students annually develop and build their reading skills.

Reading nonprofit helps 4th grader learn to love library

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In spring 2021, Ameilia Carrubba’s struggles with reading because of her dyslexia meant she shied away from books and reading. Today, “she wants to read,” said her mom, Kelli Carruba. “She wants to go to the library and get a book out and she definitely has a much more positive attitude and pushes herself more when it comes to reading.” …

Science of reading bill heads to Senate floor with bipartisan support

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A bill requiring the state’s public schools to use techniques and materials employing the science of reading is headed to the Senate floor.     Delaware has a literacy problem, and Sen. Laura Sturgeon is trying to fix it by having schools teach using the science of reading.  Her Senate Substitute 1 for Senate Bill 4, which requires Delaware schools …