Milford Field Hockey team posing after a win photo courtesy of Milford Athletics Twitter

Bucs Ground the Seahawks

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Milford Field Hockey team posing after a win photo courtesy of Milford Athletics Twitter

Milford Field Hockey team posing after a win, photo courtesy of Milford Athletics Twitter

Milford remains undefeated after yesterday’s matchup against Sussex Academy (SAAS).  These two teams have played the last three seasons, with the Seahawks coming out on top but this time, Milford turned the table. The Seahawks and Bucs made the game interesting trading goals all day long but Milford would hold out and come away with the win to remain undefeated and improve to 4-0 on the season. MIlford sits atop the Division 1 standings with Smyrna, also 4-0. 

The Bucs, ranked number 3 in the Delaware Live-302 Sports top 10 this week, brought their “A” game and a huge cheering section to Georgetown. But with a 4:07pm start and a quick steal by Sussex Academy the Milford fans were quieted as the Seahawks found themselves in the circle with a penalty corner (14:21), just 39 seconds into the game. The ball was inserted from Shea Danahy to Callie Short but the shot was off. Milford made some adjustments and dominated offensively for most of the quarter.  At 13:11 Milford crossed the 50 yard line for the first time and Erin Dunlop reached the circle and got a shot off. All the Seahawks dropped to play defense except Emma Campbell and Callie Short. 11:49 Milford gained another corner, Erin Dunlop inserted to Bailey Masten but her shot was deflected. 10:31 Hannah Zimmerman missed on a reverse but quickly recovered at 10:05 Zimmerman scored the first goal unassisted to put the Bucs up 1-0. The game played out between the 25 yard lines for the next two minutes with a great tackle by Milford Carley Mackert (Alvernia commit). With 8:04 left in the quarter SAAS threatened in the circle but credit Milford’s defense with the take away which led to a drive the length of the field and shot by Bailey Masten, saved by sophomore goalkeeper Kacie Rawlings. The heat was slowing both teams down and the game became a bit of hit and chase with long hits down the field. With 3:57 on the clock Callie Short from SAAS entered the circle and created a corner at 3:48. Shea Danahy inserted to Short who passed to Ryan Lowe for a shot but was denied by another sophomore goalkeeper Madison Stahl. Emma Campbell for the Seahawks took a shot with 1:51 left.

The second quarter was more like a tennis match, back and forth trading possession. Milford was off and running down the middle of the field to the circle where Bailey Masten took a shot blocked by a SAAS defender, then Hannah Zimmerman passed to Caitlin Cromer resulting in a corner for Milford. At 14:01, just a minute into the quarter the ball was inserted to Masten who’s shot was deflected off a SAAS stick for a high ball over the cage. 12:02 SAAS crossed midfield but a pass escaped Ryan Lowe, Milford took possession and Hannah Zimmerman made quick work of getting to the circle unassisted for a shot that was blocked. 10:53 SAAS defense on its heels again in the circle saved another Milford offensive attack. 10:19 SAAS moved up the field but the pass hit the foot of Emma Campbell, giving the Bucs the ball again. Bailey Masten’s speed and Shelby Manlove for SAAS kept the ball moving for each of their teams. Then it was Rylin Lehman’s turn. She moved the ball down field for SAAS and at 4:16 SAAS drew a corner where Short’s shot was blocked, 3:34 SAAS Angie Chilel-Ramirez ‘reverse was wide, and Lehman’s pass to Ryan Lowe’s shot missed high. SAAS shot again at the 1:30 mark but the Bucs Zimmerman stopped the shot with a great defensive effort. The excitement kept building as SAAS’s Short had a shot blocked with 21 seconds left in the quarter but SAAS came away with a corner with 10 seconds on the clock down 1-0. Shea Danahy inserted to Emma Campbell at the top of the circle who scored to tie the game going into halftime 1-1. 

After a much needed break on a hot September day, both teams came out ready to go. Milford kept coming with great defensive stops. It was 12:49 on the clock before Callie Short (SAAS) got to the circle but her shot went long over the end line. Milford countered at 11:22 and in the mix of shots on goal the ball hit a defender behind the goalie creating a penalty stroke for Milford. Bailey Masten got the call to take the shot but was denied by GK Rawlings. Milford’s goalie would save the next two shots from SAAS. 8:25 saw Milford draw another corner. #1 Molly Masten inserted the ball to Erin Dunlop but her shot was wide. SAAS brought the offensive attack as Rylin Lehman entered the circle, shot was blocked and a pile of players fought to score in front of the cage resulting in a go-ahead goal from Ryan Lowel, SAAS 2 Milford 1. Milford would not be denied. At 5:31 a reverse shot ricocheted off the goalie pads and found the back of the cage with an assist from  Erin Dunlop to Madisyn Hitchens, tying the game again 2-2. Milford kept pressing with two more corners and at 1:50 Molly Masten  inserted the ball (assist) which was passed to Carley Mackert on the post where she tipped the ball for the go-ahead goal 3-2 Bucs. 

Hannah Zimmerman from Milford took it upon herself to lead the Bucs into the 4th quarter. At 11:12 she flew down the field into a 2v2 in the circle but couldn’t convert. At 10:14 SAAS took their shot in the circle with Callie Short but the ball was hit out. At the 9:00 minute mark Zimmerman put on another show going down the field alone to the circle with two SAAS defenders trailing, she shot and scored unassisted. Milford took the lead 4-2. Rylin Lehman from SAAS would make things interesting at the 7:59 mark with an unassisted goal of her own, bringing the score to 4-3 Bucs. Milford would take two more chances to spread the score as Zimmerman centered the ball to Bailey Masten and to Erin Dunlap, both shots were sent wide of the cage. At 2:32 and 1:47 Hannah Zimmerman took the ball to the circle again for the Bucs and had her shot blocked and one bounce out of play. SAAS had possession until the very end but couldn’t find a way to tie the game before time ran out. 

Milford: Assists: M. Masten, E. Dunlap; Goals: H. Zimmerman (2), C. Mackert, M Hitchens SAAS: Goals: E. Campbell, R. Lowe, R. Lehman

Milford remained undefeated at 5-0 and prepared for Woodbridge Sept. 26, Cape Henlopen Sept. 28  and Smyrna Oct. 3. 

Sussex Academy 2-3  will regroup to face PolytechSept. 26, Seaford Sept. 28, and Indian River Oct. 3.

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