Bing's Bake & Brew will open a second site in Newark

Bing’s Bake & Brew expands with 2nd café in Newark

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Bing's Bake & Brew will open a second site in Newark

Bing’s Bake & Brew will open a second site in Newark, the company announced this week.

The family that owns Delaware’s oldest bakery has set up a second coffeeshop in downtown Newark, across Main Street from where Bing’s Bakery opened in 1871.

Bing’s Bake & Brew bought the Little French Café of Newark.

“It’s quaint,” Carla Guzzi, who owns Bing’s with her husband Tom Guzzi, said of the new location “It has a lot of charm.”

It’s keeping many items popularized by owner Martha Barrier and adding “a delicious dessert menu from Bing’s Bakery,” Bing’s announced on Facebook.

The new Bake & Brew is at 64 E. Main St. Bing’s Bakery opened at 57 E. Main and now operates at 253 E. Main St., less than a half-mile to the east.

The first Bing’s Bake & Brew is in Amstel Square, 57 S. Main St., a half-mile to the west of the new cafe.

Guzzi said the new location features a half-dozen crepes, several sandwiches on croissants, side salads, quiches, fruit cups and desserts.

It does not offer bagels because they’re already a common choice on Main Street, she said, but she hopes that crepes are a rare and inviting item.

The drinks menu includes eight varieties of espresso, nine frozen and blended drinks, eight drinks over ice, three alternatives (chai, hot chocolate and brewed coffee), four teas and a weekly feature.

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Bing’s on Main is about 1,000 square feet, compared to 1,500 for Bing’s on Amstel Square, so Guzzi said they’re looking to focus the menu.

“A few things, done well,” she said.

A grand opening is planned this summer, and the Guzzis will also be developing a branding strategy.

Right now, the spots will be known as Bing’s on Main and Bing’s on Amstel Square.

“We’ve worked so hard to build the Bing’s brand. It should be in the name, and I want it to grow, like Grain,” she said, referring to Grain Craft Bar + Kitchen in downtown Newark, Grain H20 along the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal and the planned Grain Exchange at the University of Delaware’s STAR campus.

Big welcome for Bing’s

The opening announcement for Bing’s on Main on Facebook generated dozens of congratulatory and welcoming comments, including one from Barrier (“I can’t think of a better family to pass off our hard work to. Bon courage!”) and National 5&10 (“We will miss Martha & TLFC, but we couldn’t be more excited to have you as our new next door neighbors”).

National 5&10 actually share the same building, and the proximity evokes Guzzi’s fond childhood memories of countertop refreshments at 5&10s in New York.

Former mayor Vance Funk displayed his deep-rooted civic mindedness by hoping that Bing’s Bake & Brew has “better luck in getting those stairs fixed” and suggesting that Bing’s ask the city to “reduce the truck parking area by one spot so customers who take out will have easy access.” Bing’s said it was a good idea.

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