Students pursuing UD's new graduate AI certificate must complete 9 credits with at least a B-.

UD launches graduate certificate on artificial intelligence

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Students pursuing UD's new graduate AI certificate must complete 9 credits with at least a B-.

Students pursuing UD’s new graduate AI certificate must complete 9 credits with at least a B-.

The University of Delaware is now offering a certificate for graduate students focused on artificial intelligence. 

The program requires nine credits in classes designed to teach artificial Intelligence, a rapidly evolving field that has been integrated into many facets of everyday life, the economy and education. 

Students in the program will have to complete three classes of the nine offered, which are: Introduction to Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Introduction to Data Mining, Introduction to Machine Learning, Introduction to Multi-Agent Systems, Introduction to Natural Language Processing, Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Multi-Agent Systems and Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence. 

Each course must be completed with at least a B- grade and students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average in the program to earn the certificate.

The new certificate is designed to provide students with the fundamental knowledge needed to pursue careers in AI research, development and application development, stated Associate Professor Sunita Chandrasekaran and Professor Kathy McCoy, the directors of the certificate program.

Students will learn the tools to analyze and use AI techniques to address complex computational problems; understand data set preparation and implementation for complex problem-solving; design, implement and evaluate a variety of AI-based solutions; use effective professional communication; and make informed AI-related judgements using legal and ethical principles.

The school stated that Chat GPT, a popular chat bot, is one example of how AI is “revolutionizing how we work, live and interact with the world” and highlights the importance of having a workforce that can understand, develop and apply AI tools.

Chat GPT is also one of the countless programs that allow a user to simply type a prompt, and have the application type a written response or display an image.

For example, a user could prompt the program to “write a short story about Mickey Mouse becoming an Olympic athlete” or “create a photo of Mickey Mouse with a gold medal on a tri-level podium”, and AI will generate the story or image. 

This graduate program is available to both prospective and current graduate students as well as currently enrolled undergraduates. For undergrads, it’s similar to how UD’s 4+1 programs work, in which undergraduates are also able to enroll in this certificate program and, upon completion of the required coursework, graduate with both a bachelor’s degree and graduate certificate. 

“The skills and experiences acquired through this certificate program not only prepare students for job opportunities, but also set them on a path for long-term success in the rapidly evolving field of AI,” Chandrasekaran and McCoy said in a joint statement.

UD is also in the process of developing “bridge courses” that would provide the background necessary to take the courses in the AI certificate. The school hopes to make those available by summer 2024. 

To learn more about the graduate AI certificate program, click here.

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