Tim Letts, left, alongside Bill Sumiel after the kidney transplant surgery.

Former Uber driver: Giving rider kidney ‘easiest decision’

Jarek RutzHeadlines, Culture

An Uber driver wanted to give one last ride on the day before he was due to trade in his car. Tim Letts, an Army veteran who lived in Cape May, New Jersey, was matched with a request to take Bill Sumiel to his Salem, New Jersey, home from the Vascular Institute in Vineland, New Jersey. “I kind of knew …

Balitmore foodie influencer heading to Wilmington

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Kreskin Jones, the Rideshare Foodie, will be in Wilmington this week.   Social media influencer The Rideshare Foodie will be in Wilmington this week on a mission to sample classic and unique Delaware dishes.  From Tuesday through July 6, Kreskin Jones, known by his internet alias The Rideshare Foodie will be in Delaware as a part of his U.S. tour …