Boxes used for eviction tenant

Tenant right to lawyers bill held for changes by committee

Sam HautGovernment, Headlines

The Senate Housing & Land Use committee on Wednesday heard from dozens of people supporting a bill to provide tenants who lose their leases the right to a lawyer to help.  Senate Bill 1, sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Bryan Townsend, D-Newark, would set up a system for tenants below 200% of the federal poverty line a right to an …

Development 1

New Castle County urged to increase, expand impact fees

Ken MammarellaGovernment, Headlines

New Castle County on Monday was given a draft plan by consultants to expand — and increase — the impact fees charged for development. The county adopted such fees in 1999 to “finance new or expanded infrastructure and service needs for development.” And they have not changed much since. The county’s consultants recommended adding fees to encourage low-income housing and …

Middletown residents fight to stop warehouse construction

Charlie MegginsonBusiness, Headlines

More than 1,000 people have signed a petition to halt the development of a 1.8-million-square-foot warehouse complex next to The Village of Bayberry North, a residential community in Middletown. They’re angry because the warehouses will go up in a spot that had been approved as a business park with offices, restaurants and a daycare center. Instead, they’ll end up with …