State worker health insurance to rise 22%, add $50M cost

Betsy PriceGovernment, Headlines

The state of Delaware will need at least an additional $50 million dollars in fiscal 2025 to pay for increases in the cost of employee health insurance, which is expected to see premium rises of up to 22%. Ruth Ann Miller, controller general, said the program will have a shortfall of $15 million by April 1 and will need $22 …

retiree health care

Retiree health committee suggestion No. 1: No Medicare Advantage

Betsy PriceGovernment, Headlines

After nearly facing a revolt of retirees angered by the state’s move to substantially alter their health care, a committee has issued more than a dozen recommendations designed to keep them — and the state’s coffers — healthy. One of the recommendations made by the Retiree Healthcare Benefits Advisory Subcommittee — which met 20 times over nine months — was …


State heading into years of near-level revenues, board says

Betsy PriceGovernment, Headlines

Delaware can expect a revenue surplus of $364.8 million heading into the 2025 fiscal year. It can also expect a few years of plateaued revenues instead of the nearly $1 billion surpluses of recent years. Some legislators would argue the state doesn’t have surplus in reality, because that money will be needed for expected rises in costs for a number …


Here’s what goes into keeping Delaware’s AAA ratings

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The way Delaware handles its budgets, a growing population and efforts to diversify the state economy all help the state continue to earn a AAA bond rating, which means the state pays less when it wants to borrow money. For example: The state received bids last week for its upcoming sale of $380 million of triple-A rated General Obligation Bonds …

McGuiness 5

McGuiness trial up in air as prosecutors ponder venue change

Charlie MegginsonGovernment, Headlines

The trial against Delaware State Auditor Kathleen McGuiness got off to a rocky start Tuesday after her defense team argued the case should be heard in Kent County rather than New Castle County. Rule 18 of the Superior Court says that in most cases, a prosecution shall be held in the county in which the offense or offenses are alleged …