Matt Halls Toilet Table is a new invention by Delawarean Matt Hall. (Ken Mammarella photo)

Matt Halls Toilet Table: ‘You didn’t know you needed’ it

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Matt Hall has an idea that is so unusual that Amazon has to create a category for his invention. Yet it’s an idea that might appeal to the 90%-95% of people who bring cellphones into the bathroom. It’s Matt Halls Toilet Table, which describes as “the table you didn’t know you needed.”   IN THE NEWS: Coolest Thing Made …

Delaware is No. 5 on a new list of cellphone-friendly states. (Pexels photo by Andrea Piacquadio)

Delaware ranked 5th for cellphone friendliness

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Delaware is the fifth-friendliest state for cellphones, a new list concludes. Maryland and New Jersey top the list, with Pennsylvania at No. 10. The list crunched data from the Federal Communications Commission, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, the Tax Foundation and Opensignal to see which states had the best cellular internet speeds, phone service, 5G coverage, taxes (meaning lowest) …

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Water firm invites customers to buy coverage on e-devices

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The company that provides water to about 100,000 people in New Castle County is known for regularly sending out snail-mail letters advocating that customers buy some financial coverage for their sewer lines in case they break. It now is suggesting something similar for electronic devices. “Veolia believes in bringing our customers the best in service and value,” it explains in …