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Success Story: Delaware Home Inspections

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Success Story: Delaware Home Inspections

Published By: The Delaware SBDC

Delaware Home Inspections (DHI), owned by Kris Enslen, has quickly established itself as a reputable inspection company in the state. With a focus on education, innovation, and communication, DHI strives to leave homeowners with peace of mind. Since its inception just over a year ago, DHI has achieved remarkable milestones, thanks in part to the guidance and support provided by the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) advisor, Lissette.

Having been in operation for just over a year, DHI has quickly established a reputation for excellence in the home inspection industry. Despite entering the market during uncertain times, the company exceeded expectations in its first calendar year. Now, in 2023, DHI has already experienced three consecutive months of record-breaking sales in the first quarter, setting the stage for its continued growth.

Lissette, an SBDC advisor, has been an integral part of DHI’s journey, providing guidance and support from the company’s inception,

“Lissette was instrumental to DHI’s success, from launching the company to keeping me on track, offering ideas and solutions to problems I had along the way, inviting me to networking events in the area, and information for applying for small business grants.” – Kris Enslen, Delaware Home Inspections

Delaware Home Inspections has quickly made its mark in the inspection industry by prioritizing education, innovation, and communication in its operations. Despite being a relatively young company, DHI has achieved remarkable milestones, celebrating 100 inspections in less than a year.

“The SBDC was and continues to be a vital resource for the development of my company. As someone who helps all different types of small businesses, Lissette is always there to offer suggestions or opportunities for growth and ways to avoid the pitfalls many new entrepreneurs encounter. I cannot thank her enough.”

Looking ahead, Delaware Home Inspections is eager to maintain its upward trajectory and further establish itself as a trusted name in the inspection industry. DHI aims to not only provide top-notch services but also contribute to the overall improvement of home inspection standards in the state.

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A17I2261 Delaware Home Inspections

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