Stade and Willey named Team Members of the Month for March 2024

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TidalHealth Primary Care and TidalHealth Specialty Care are pleased to announce Tina Stade and Chrystal Willey are their Team Members of the Month for March 2024.

Tina Stade, Cancer Services Manager, Richard A. Henson Cancer Institute in Salisbury
Stade was nominated by Jennifer Wheatley for the values of Accountability, Community, Quality and Service:
“Tina has held many positions in TidalHealth and brings 30+ years of experience to the table. However, serving as the Manager of Patient Access is her most rewarding to date.

Tina is without a doubt the backbone of the entire Patient Access Department. She and her team bring their knowledge of Medical and Radiation Oncology, front-end supervisor, billing, coding, patient access policies and procedures as well as working with Finance to reduce denials.

Her time with the Epic team allows her team members to reap the benefits of her insight into processes and is always looking at new ways to improve them. There isn’t one aspect of our jobs that Tina does not know and could perform herself if needed. She is an amazing manager and goes above and beyond for her team members to whom she provides unmatched compassion, encouragement and support.”

Chrystal Willey, Supervisor, TidalHealth Cardiology in Seaford
Willey was nominated by Susan Miller for demonstrating the values of Accountability, Quality and Service:

“Chrystal is a fantastic supervisor. She is always willing to lend a hand and teach you anything she can. She helps with patient questions as well as medication refills. She is always helping and filling in where needed.
When I came on board, I had limited knowledge of cardiology. Chrystal was very helpful and a great asset in educating me in the field. She always goes above and beyond.”

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