DMV Tag-A-Palooza

Registration on for DMV’s low-digit tag giveaway

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DMV Tag-A-Palooza

The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles has started its annual giveaway of low-digit car tags.

The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles is now taking registration for residents who would like to enter a drawing to win low-digit car tags.

The beloved and much-sought-after blue-and-gold tags will feature numbers only.

Delaware is one of the few states that allow speciality tags like the low-digit ones to be sold, sometimes for incredible amounts of money for a piece of metal, and then considered an investment.

The DMV giveaway, called Tag-A-Palooza is an annual event. Those interested must register at by Thursday, Nov. 2., for the daily drawings that start Monday, Nov. 6, and run through Friday, Nov. 10.

You may register only once per driver license or identification card and you must specify which type of tag you are interested in receiving:

PV – 5 Digit – Numbers Only (under 10,000 lbs. registered vehicle weight)
C – Commercial
PC – Passenger Car (under 10,000 lbs. registered vehicle weight)
T – Trailer (regular trailers, utility, flat-bed, or non-camping trailers)
MC – Motorcycle (above 55cc’s)
RT – Recreational Trailer (camping trailers 5,000 lbs. and over, not regular trailers – see above)
RV – Recreational Vehicle (car or truck under 5,000 lbs. or a motorhome)

If you would like to register to win a five-digit, numbers-only tag and your vehicle is under 10,000 lbs., please select tag type PV.

From Monday, Nov. 6, through Friday, Nov. 10, the DMV will randomly select (530) PV, (55) C, (145) PC, (406) T, (381) MC, (33) RT and (35) RV winners for each of the five days.

Drawings will be held at 9:00 a.m. each day.

Registration does not guarantee you will receive a low-digit tag, the DMV stressed in anb email but is required to be entered into the drawing.

All online winners will receive an email confirming they won. The email will include further instructions.

Daily winning lottery codes will be posted at and accessible from iits ocial media sites: and DelawareDMV on Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter).

Personal lottery codes can be found in confirmation e-mails.

For those who prefer a chance to win in person can go to a local DMV during the drawing week at 8:30 a.m. until all plates are gone: Nov. 6, Dover DMV; Nov. 7, Georgetown DMV; Nov. 9, Wilmington DMV; and Nov. 9., Delaware City DMV.

Inventory for in-person events will be on a first come first serve basis and limited to 100 PV plates per event. Winners will receive a confirmation letter on the day of the event and instructions on when to return to the DMV to pick up their new license plate.

All winners will receive a standard blue and gold license plate upon completing their title work. If their tag number qualifies and they wish to purchase a black and white or stainless-steel tag once they have completed their title work with DMV, they can do so through the Delaware Historic Plate Co.

Both online and in-person winners will receive an email once their tag is ready for pick up at the location you selected.

Rules include:

  • If more than one entry is received for an individual or entity, all additional requests will be denied.
  • If a participant wins a low-digit tag during an in-person giveaway, their online entry will be voided.
  • The name and driver license/identification card number used to enter the lottery must match the name and driver license/identification card that will be presented to the DMV associate at the time of the transaction. If there is a discrepancy the request will be denied.
  • The winner must apply the new tag to their vehicle no later than Feb. 29, 2024. There will be no extensions. Tags must be applied to a vehicle; DMV will not permit placing the tag on hold.
  • The owner is responsible for all applicable fees. Specialty tags, background tags, stainless steel tags, and porcelain tags have additional fees.
  • DMV reserves the right to modify the tag number as assigned due to unforeseen circumstances.

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