The Sears store at Concord Mall closed in 2020.

Is Primark heading to Concord Mall? Here’s the truth

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The Sears store at Concord Mall closed in 2020.

The Sears store at Concord Mall closed in 2020.

“I guess Concord Mall isn’t completely on its way out after all,” the Facebook post read. “The landlord is telling tenants that Primark is going where Sears once was.” called Concord Mall to get the truth.

“No,” said mall manager Tom Dahlke, Our was the third that he has received about the rumorm he said. “Completely and absolutely BS.”

“Sears still owns its building, and what happens is up to them,” he said, adding that he believes that Sears would only be interested in selling the building and not renting it.

That said, “Primark would not be a bad choice” for the vacant department store. Sears closed itstore in 2020.

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Primark is a clothing retailer that began in Ireland in 1969 as Penneys but it doesn’t use that elsewhere because of JCPenney. It also sells beauty products, homeware and accessories.

In 2015, it opened its first stored in the United States.

“Today we have 17 stores in the US with plenty more in the pipeline,” according to the store’s website. The nearest to Delaware is in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

In May,  the company announced it’s opening two stores in New York and one in New Jersey.


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