Food Bank of Delaware CANgineering

Food Bank CANgineering sparks community creativity

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Food Bank of Delaware CANgineering

The Delaware Emergency Management Agency won best representation of an organization’s mission with its Eye of the Hurri’can’ entry in the Food Bank of Delaware’s 2022 CANgineering contest

A green and pink daisy created by Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority in its traditional colors was named Best in Show among the 25 entries in the 2022 Food Bank of Delaware‘s CANgineering competition.

The contest is a food drive disguised as a structure building competition that gives entrants multiple ways to win while this year bringing in 17,000 pounds of much-needed food.

Zakat Foundation, for example, won the popular vote award during a one-week social media campaign for its Fort Du Pont.

CANgineering winners include:

  • Best Use of Labels – Fuji Film, which created a paint brush
  • Most Needed Items – JP Morgan Chase’s I Love DE
  • Most Structurally Sound – DuPont Experimental Station’s solar house
  • Most Creative – Meadow Larks’ 4H Mini Golf Course
  • Largest Food Drive – Bank of America and Deerfield for Helping Hand
  • Best Representation of Organization’s Mission – Delaware Emergency Management Agency’s Eye of the Hurri”can”
  • Honorable Mention – The Alias Group (Minion)

Teams signed up in April, held a workplace-based food drive, and then used the items they have collected to create sculptures.

The Food Bank helps feed more than 114,000 Delawareans each year.

CANgineering helps keep donations rolling in once the holiday furor has died down, and the Food Bank is planning a school-based CANgineering contest this fall.



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