DSU has released its new academic and athletic logos.

DSU unveils new academic, athletic logos

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DSU has released its new academic and athletic logos.

DSU has released its new academic and athletic logos.

Delaware State University is getting a new look.

With record enrollment numbers, growing infrastructure, and expanding programs and partnerships over the last decade, the Historical Black College and University has unveiled new academic and athletic logos.

The academic logo is a new visual mark that connects this past, present and future at DSU. 

After market research and feedback from stakeholders, including more than 600 students, faculty, staff, leadership, alumni and community members, the design team decided to incorporate the iconic flag poles at the entrance of its main campus in Dover.

Along the ever-flying United States flag, the other flags are periodically changed to embrace the diverse number of countries the University’s students, faculty and staff represent.   

DSU is the only HBCU in Delaware and has connections with 23 different countries around the world.

Many surveyed said that seeing the flag poles was one of their most memorable moments of their first visit to the university, and it serves as a focal point for students to connect.

“It’s what we all remember from our first campus tour visit in middle or high school,” said Josh Holloway, president of the Student Government Association for 2023-24. “Even now, we say, ‘Meet me at the flagpoles!’”

Jasmine Couch was the lead designer of the marketing team. 

“We are excited to introduce this new visual mark featuring flags that represent our diversity and honor, a mound that denotes our strong foundation, and traditional blue and red colors that reflect our inspiration and loyalty,” said Dawn Mosley, senior associate vice president of marketing.

For the new athletic logo, the design team made sure to feature the beloved blue hornet mascot.

The mascot took its moniker from the “Blue Hornet” nickname for the blue bus that transported the football team of the then-State College for Colored Students to its away games.

By the time the college formally became a member of the Colored Intercollegiate Athletic Association in 1945, the “Hornet” had already been adopted as the mascot name.

“With the most diverse intercollegiate athletics program in DSU history, it was time for a more modern, powerful look,” said Alecia Shields-Gadson, director of athletics. “This new Hornet athletics logo ushers in a new era for all of Delaware State University’s sports teams.”

She said the new logo reflects all that DSU’s intercollegiate teams are striving for: consistent bold and strong performances on the field of play that are packed with an unrelenting sting.

The new logos will roll out immediately and will include new merchandise to prepare for DSU’s Oct. 2 homecoming. Anyone interested in merchandise bearing the new logos can see and buy it here

“Our students are our greatest storytellers, so we’ve readied them with a strong narrative behind the new mark,” Mosley said. “We’re inspiring our students, alumni, parents, staff, partners and supporters to represent the new DSU and Hornet everywhere and on every platform.”

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