DSCC Shares 2024 Policy Priorities

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The 152nd General Assembly will reconvene one week from today on Tuesday, January 9. In advance of session resuming, we are sharing our 2024 policy priorities—a coordinated list of feedback from our members that includes items we’ve identified as critical because they impact not just our members but the business community at large, regardless of size and industry. Please keep in mind this list is not exhaustive, and it’s designed to be a living document that’s ever-changing to meet the needs of the business community.

We look forward to working with all 62 members of the General Assembly to achieve our 2024 policy priorities and more.

– Promote policies that support the skills and training programs aligned with employers’ needs and help upskill Delaware’s workforce
– Inform policymakers about the unintended consequences associated with mandating employee benefits and how those types of policies may impact businesses and their employees
– Create employment opportunities with an emphasis on building trades, technology, health care, and logistics
– Support employer-led diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to help close demographic-based opportunity gaps across all industries
– Assist in solving outdated barriers to re-entry and encourage employment opportunities for second chance individuals

– Encourage science-based environmental policies that reflect collaboration between all stakeholders to create practical policies and solutions that improve the environment while growing Delaware’s economy
– Bolster public and private sector investments in clean energy that will also create new jobs
– Support the cleanup of brownfield sites
– Invest in infrastructure that improves resiliency from coastal flooding

– Advance policies that increase access to health care by providing businesses with greater flexibility and options for employee insurance coverage
– Promote workplace wellness programs and policies that improve the physical and mental health of Delawareans
– Support efforts to strengthen the health care workforce to meet the needs of Delaware’s growing and aging population

– Continue advancing improvements to the permitting process, like the Ready in 6 initiative and others
– Advocate for laws and law-making processes that are collaborative and allow for certain and predictable stakeholder comment periods for the business community and all stakeholders
– Invest in site readiness so there are “options on the shelf” for businesses looking to expand or relocate
– Support innovative ideas and policies that address affordability and the diversification of Delaware’s housing inventory

– Back tax policies that incentivize workforce training
– Inform policymakers about the importance of protecting Delaware’s franchise laws and the impact that revenue has on the state’s overall budget
– Encourage pro-growth tax and fiscal policies that preserve Delaware’s competitiveness and increase business’ ability to expand and create jobs

For more information on these priorites and other policy issues the Delaware State Chamber is engaged on, contact Tyler Micik at [email protected].

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