DMA Football team running out on the field before game photo by Nick Halliday

A look at DMA’s Fusco Memorial Stadium

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DMA Football team running out on the field before game photo by Nick Halliday

DMA Football team running out on the field before game, photo by Nick Halliday

Delaware Military Academy (DMA) has one of the most intense football stadiums in the state. Fusco Memorial Stadium was donated to the school by majority donor Tony Fusco.

Ever since its existence the stadium has been nothing less than a great pace to take in a game. 

Walking in you are greeted by the DMA parents checking tickets, working the concessions and cooking on the grill to provide delicious food for fans. Once you enter the field opens up to the left with an open area where fans love to coral as the home teams locker room is located right in the gathering area.

Fans and parents have a chance to interact with the Seahawks football players. It is a popular spot in the beginning, halftime, and the end of the games. 

As you enter the home stands it gets extremely intense with the student section to your left and the cheerleaders to your right on the sideline of the field and the band straight in front of you a little further down the stands.

The students are always out in droves filling the stands and are very enthusiastic. They have theme nights in almost every game that are different but one that stood out to me was the whiteout game as the group of students were all decked out in white. 

The cheerleaders are right there with them as it seems almost as if the stands are over the field.

DMA’s cheerleading squad is one of the largest and most enthusiastic in the state. They are right in the game with the players since the sideline is so tight it seems to create a crowd feeling with both players and cheerleaders in a tight area. 

Just as the sideline seems crowded, so do the stands.

There is almost never an empty seat in the large homestands with fans and the band. You will see fans lining the fence around the stadium as well as lining the steps leading up to the press box.

They also have fans who tailgate on the far left side of the stadium who line the black iron fence.

All the fans are always decked out in their DMA Football gear which seems to be plentiful since they are covered head to toe in it.  

The opposing teams are sent to the other side of the stadium as soon as they enter, which is a great idea so they don’t have to walk through the large home crowd.

The opposing stands are not as large as the home stands, so it can get tight over in the darker side of the stadium which lines up near I-95 and the railroad. 

The opposing side is an intimidating place to watch a game since you do have to deal with the road noise and a locomotive once in a while as well as looking at the packed home stands.

However, opposing teams always show up because it always seems to be a competitive game and they like to take down DMA since the Seahawks have had consistent success over the years.

Fusco stadium all in all is a great place to be on a Friday night in the fall.

The stadium is in great shape as well as the turf. The atmosphere is very competitive but it is also very inviting if that sounds Feasible. Even though the home fans outnumber the opposing fans, there’s never any tension between the two.

On the field that’s a different story as you can always expect a competitive game with some sort of chippiness to it, the kind that makes the game fun though.

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