Del. ID cards now good for 8 years (and cost $40)

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A sample ID card (Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles)

A sample ID card (Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles)

Starting Wednesday, state-issued identification cards will be good for eight years and cost $40.

That’s double the time and double the fee for the old cards and aligns them with timeframe and cost of driver licenses.

The change follows the adoption of HB 78, signed by Gov. John Carney on June 3.

In announcing the change, the Delaware Department of Transportation noted that visitors entering the Delaware of Motor Vehicles must wear a face mask or covering, and be socially distant when feasible. Reduced building capacity of 50% is still in effect. Some DMV transactions can be completed at

The DMV issues 13 types of driver licenses and ID cards.

A new program called Mobile ID allows users to download an app and scan their licenses and cards into their phone.

One interesting element is called Privacy View. “When you want to order a drink at a restaurant, the server doesn’t need to know your birth date, weight, eye color, or address – they only need to know you’re legal,” the state explains. “Privacy views allow you to share only relevant information.”

Since 2010, Delaware has been offering secure driver licenses and ID cards, meaning better verification, pushed by the 9-11 commission.

These licenses and cards, marked by a gold star, must be federally compliant by May 3, 2023. Such secure licenses and cards are future requirements for taking domestic flights, entering federal facilities and conducting other official federal purposes.

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