The Delaware City Fire Company has invested in ballistic gear and trauma kits.

Del. City Fire trains for shootings, invests in ballistic gear

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The Delaware City Fire Company has invested in ballistic gear and trauma kits.

The Delaware City Fire Company has invested in ballistic gear and trauma kits.

Delaware City Fire Co. wants to make sure the town’s 2,000 residents are protected in the case of an active shooter emergency. 

The fire company has been collaboratively training with other state law enforcement agencies, fire departments, Emergency Medical Services and emergency management groups.

The first responders said in a press release that additional training is in response to a recent local  incident that highlighted the need for rapidly accessible trauma supplies.

Earlier in the year, Delaware City and surrounding first responders were dispatched to a shooting with multiple victims.

One patient was located on scene suffering from critical injuries requiring a significant amount of trauma supplies.

An additional patient reported to be at the scene had been transported to a hospital by private auto. 

“While this was not a ‘mass casualty incident,’ it easily could have been,” the press release said.

The unit has purchased more trauma supplies to be stocked on each ambulance and also bought more trauma kits from North American Rescue. It’s a national group that provides combat and trauma care.

Jeff Sands, assistant chief of the fire crew, said the company bought a total of nine kits: two for each of the two ambulances and one each for the fire apparatus and command vehicles.

That cost the fire company $2,600.

It’s also buying ballistic armor and helmets. 

Last year the Delaware State Fire Chief’s Association distributed some equipment to fire companies courtesy of funding from the Delaware Emergency Management Agency, which has also provided funding for recent statewide training initiatives. 

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The Delaware City press release came Thursday, after yet-another U.S. mass shooting, this time in  Lewiston, Maine. 

A 40-year-old male suspect who’s a firearms instructor and believed to be in the Army Reserve has shot and killed at least 16 people. 

As of 2 p.m. Thursday, he had not been caught.

“In years past, it was unheard of for firefighters, EMT’s and paramedics to need to wear ballistic armor and ballistic helmets,” the Delaware City Fire Co. said in a press release. “But as threats continue to change, we need to be prepared to save lives in high risk environments.”

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