Rehoboth bandstand christmas tree lighting

Got a big tree? Rehoboth Beach wants it for Christmas

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Rehoboth bandstand christmas tree lighting

Rehoboth Beach’s annual annual Tree Lighting and Holiday Sing-Along event at the Bandstand in Nov. 2021. (City of Rehoboth Beach photo)

With mid-July temperatures hovering around 90 degrees Fahrenheit, Christmas is likely one of the last things on your mind. 

The City of Rehoboth Beach, however, is already pine-ing for this year’s Christmas tree. 

Each year, the seaside resort town turns to the larger community in search of a tree tall and shapely enough to meet its residents’ high expectations. 

Rehoboth Christmas Tree

Tammy and Rick Smith with the tree they donated to Rehoboth Beach in 2021. (City of Rehoboth Beach photo)

That’s where you come in: If you’ve got a tree of the Christmas variety that you wouldn’t be sad to see…gone, the City of Rehoboth Beach wants your name and number. 

If your tree is selected, John L. Briggs and Company along with George W. Plummer will hack it down Clark Griswold-style and haul it where it needs to go. 

According to a city spokesperson, ideal Christmas tree candidates are “at least 35 feet tall, have a nice shape all over, and are easily accessible – that is, the tree is in a relatively open area, not fenced in, and accessible without having to park equipment on adjacent properties.”

Ideally, they’d like the tree’s current location to be within about 15 miles of Rehoboth Beach.

If you have a large evergreen on your property that you’d like to donate, contact city communications specialist Lynne Coan at [email protected] or 302-227-6181, ext. 522. 

A photo of the tree, as well as the donor’s address, will be requested.

The selected Christmas tree will be officially unveiled at the city’s annual Tree Lighting and Holiday Sing-Along event at 6:30 pm on Friday, Nov. 25, 2022.

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