ChristianaCare ranked No. 5 Best Health System by Money magazine

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ChristianaCare has been ranked the No. 5 health system in the nation by Money magazine in its 2024 hospital rankings. ChristianaCare received an overall grade of A, as well for an A for its commitment to price transparency. ChristianaCare also was recognized for its nuclear medicine specialty and its respiratory infection treatment.

“At ChristianaCare, our mission is simple, yet profound: We take care of people. This recognition is a testament to the incredible work that our caregivers do every day to take care of people as we serve together, guided by our values of love and excellence,” said President and CEO Janice Nevin, M.D., MPH.

“Thank you to our caregivers for all that you do to support our patients and community — and thank you to our community for trusting ChristianaCare as your expert, caring partners in health.”

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The Money Magazine ‘A’ grade is “a testament to the incredible work that our caregivers do every day,” said President and CEO Janice Nevin.

Excellence in clinical care

The Money Magazine rankings highlight the experience and expertise of ChristianaCare’s Nuclear Medicine Department, which uses safe, painless, cost-effective techniques to document the structure and function of organs inside the body. An integral part of patient care at ChristianaCare, nuclear medicine is used in the diagnosis and management of many diseases.

For example, a positron emission tomography test, or PET scan, is often used to evaluate cancer, check blood flow or see how organs are working. ChristianaCare’s Nuclear Medicine department also offers theranostics, which is a new approach to cancer care that combines molecular imaging tests and radiopharmaceutical medications to treat cancer cells.

Money Magazine recognized ChristianaCare for expertise in Nuclear Medicine.

“At our hospitals and in our ambulatory practices, ChristianaCare’s focus on quality and safety is unwavering,” said Kert Anzilotti, M.D., MBA, system chief medical officer. “This recognition means further peace of mind for patients who know that they can get outstanding care at ChristianaCare.”

ChristianaCare also was credited in the rankings for its success in caring for patients with respiratory infections. ChristianaCare’s medical intensive care units at Christiana Hospital in Newark, Del., and Wilmington Hospital in Wilmington, Del., have consistently delivered high-quality clinical care for patients with respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19, flu and RSV.

‘A’ grade for price transparency

ChristianaCare launched its price transparency website in 2018, at the time exceeding the requirements set forth by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Since then, the website has been continually enhanced to ensure that it serves as a valuable tool for consumers looking for clear, accurate information about health care pricing.

ChristianaCare’s price transparency website includes 300 common shoppable services that consumers can search by keyword. The website also lists prices of ChristianaCare services by insurance provider for self-pay. ChristianaCare was among the first health systems in the region to be verified by Turquoise Health, a third-party price transparency comparison platform.

“As a mission-driven health system with a commitment of service to our community, we take very seriously the importance of being good stewards of health care resources and providing our community members with the information they need to make well-informed decisions about their care,” said Rob McMurray, MBA, CPA, chief financial officer.

“Our price transparency website is an important way that we provide this information, and it’s backed by our highly trained customer service team that is available to answer questions and help patients understand their specific estimates and billing.”

About the methodology

Money magazine crunched more than 13,500 data points to create a list of the 115 top hospitals in the United States. Those points included measurements related to mortality, safety, readmission, patient experience and timeliness and effectiveness of care. The rankings also factored in high-performing doctors and other providers based on their level of experience with certain procedures. Money’s main partner in this project was health care transparency firm Denniston Data, which helped collect, analyze and rank those statistics.

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