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ChristianaCare CareVio® Earns Reaccreditation in Case Management and Population Health

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ChristianaCare CareVio®, an award-winning care management organization serving individuals with acute, chronic and complex health care needs, has earned reaccreditation at the highest level of three years.

The reaccreditation — in the areas of case management and population health — is from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving health care quality.

CareVio was the first non-health-plan population health management organization in Delaware to receive NCQA accreditation for case management and population health.

CareVio earned three-year accreditation for “strong performance” of the functions outlined in NCQA standards.

According to NCQA, which accredits and certifies a wide range of health care organizations, its standards aim to help organizations achieve the highest level of performance possible and create an environment of continuous improvement.

Accreditation means quality

“As we aspire to be exceptional today and even better tomorrow, receiving NCQA reaccreditation in both case management and population health shines a light on our dedication to providing outstanding care to our patients,” said Michelle Passaretti, MSN, RN, corporate director of CareVio. “I am proud of our team, serving together with love and excellence, for this achievement.”

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Case Management accreditation confirms evidence-based best practices are in place at CareVio that ensure efficient and cost-effective processes and service delivery. Patients can be confident that, as an accredited organization, CareVio:

  • Manages patients as they move between care settings.
  • Uses patient-centered assessment to determine care needs.
  • Develops personalized, patient-centered care plans.
  • Provides access to qualified case management staff.
  • Protects patients’ personal health information.
  • Monitors patients to track progress toward care goals.

“Case management accreditation moves us closer to measuring quality across population health management initiatives,” said Margaret O’Kane, president of NCQA. “Not only does it add value to existing quality improvement efforts, it also demonstrates an organization’s commitment to the highest degree of improving the quality of their patients’ care.”

CareVio also received Population Health Program accreditation for its excellence in the treatment of COPD, diabetes, heart failure and high-risk pregnancy.

Population Health Program accreditation confirms that CareVio follows appropriate care standards and better manages complex needs. This structure helps keep members healthier, reduces risks and prevents unnecessary costs, according to NCQA.

CareVio’s population health program underwent an extensive evaluation in:

  • Data integration.
  • Population assessment.
  • Population segmentation.
  • Targeted interventions.
  • Practitioner support.
  • Measurement and quality improvement.

About CareVio

CareVio is responsible for the care management services of more than 130,000 lives through state and private contracts. Begun in 2012, CareVio features a multidisciplinary team that includes nurses, social workers, pharmacists and care coordinators who work as care managers for patients in partnership with community providers.

CareVio monitors chronic disease patients at home using innovative engagement strategies. It uses a prediction analytics engine to enable the care management team to effectively coordinate care, identify at-risk populations and prevent the need for hospitalizations and emergency department visits through preventive care and home care.


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