Brown and Fansler named Team Members of the Month for October 2023

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TidalHealth Primary Care and TidalHealth Specialty Care are pleased to announce Ryan Brown and Brooke Fansler are their Team Members of the Month for October 2023.

Ryan Brown, Nurse Practitioner, TidalHealth Primary Care in Millsboro

Ryan was nominated by Tricia Collison for demonstrating the values of Accountability, Community, Quality and Service:

“I want to acknowledge Ryan Brown for stepping in during a fire evacuation for a burning smell in the elevator at TidalHealth’s Millsboro Pavilion.

Once the building was evacuated, Ryan went into his firefighter mode and started assessing the source of the smell. He was actively in communication with the Millsboro Fire Department on his assessment. He assisted them with completing the assessment and keeping open contact with Tricia’s office manager to inform the rest of the building facilities.

The building was cleared to resume regular activity. However, the elevator is currently out of service until the elevator company thoroughly assesses it. Ryan turned off the elevator so no one would use it until assessed.”

Brooke Fansler, Medical Assistant & Patient Service Representative, TidalHealth Primary Care in Salisbury

Brooke was nominated by Marilyn Chen and Brittney Rogers for demonstrating the values of Community, Quality and Service:

“Brooke is an absolute gem and is very patient with new trainees as well as patients. As two new hires, she has taught us a lot and is constantly working hard to make sure our adjustment into our positions has been as smooth as possible!”

Thank you, Ryan and Brooke, for providing exceptional care and service to our patients and being someone we can count on.

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