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Small but determined group launches first ‘Truckin’ for Trump’ rally

The first of seven planned “Truckin’ for Trump” rallies saw low attendance but high spirits Saturday as supporters of the 45th president gathered at Legislative Mall in Dover. 

Around a dozen vehicles flying U.S, Trump and various flags supporting law enforcement, made the trek from the Cabela’s parking lot in Christiana Mall to the the Green to show their support leading up to the Nov. 3 election.

Some supporters didn’t partake in the “Truckin’” aspect of the rally and instead met the convey there. 

“I think we lost a few people along the way to bathroom stops,” said Sharon Brow. 

The rallies are to continue every Saturday until Oct. 31, with supporters starting at different locations each weekend and ultimately ending up at the Legislative Mall. 

This week’s had been planned on short notice, with most people finding out about the rally on Thursday. 

The next rally will begin in Middletown park, starting at 9 a.m. to arrive at the Green around 10:30 a.m. 

About 12 vehicles and 25 attendees participated Saturday. 

“As the Lord provides, I always say,” said Earl Lofland, organizer of the event. “It would be nice to have more people attend but today was still good.” 

The morning was clear, cool and only a bit windy, and participants milled around on the Green. There were no counter protests or other dissenters.

Few people wanted to give their name, and nobody wanted to give their home town, but sentiments about Trump were strong and coherent. 

“The bottom line is, there’s so many people right now trying to destroy the country,” said Albert Weir, the chaplain for the Sussex County FOP Lodge. “The guy has done a fantastic job.” 

“I love my president, he stands up for all people in this country,” said Terry Dunn. “We need four more years.”

There was a lot of visible support for the Second Amendment, with many of the Trump supporters openly carrying guns. 

“We support our president, our country and peaceful protests,” Lofland said.


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