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Biden chooses Sen. Kamala Harris as vice president running mate

Biden recently was photographed holding notes about Kamala Harris. “Do not hold grudges,” one notation said.

Joe Biden has picked Sen. Kamala Harris of California as his running mate in the 2020 presidential race.

A former attorney general, she becomes the first black woman to run on a major party’s ticket.

Biden and Harris are set to appear together in Wilmington, media sources said. It was unclear when that would be.

There is wide speculation it will be from the Gold Ballroom at the Hotel Du Pont in Wilmington, after reports today from the New York Times.

Harris also ran for the nomination of the Democratic Party. She and Biden clashed during 2019 primary debates and she eventually ended her campaign in December. Biden recently was photographed holding notes about her. “Do not hold grudges,” one notation said.

The national Democratic Party Convention starts Monday to formally anoint Biden as the candidate to challenge President Donald Trump.

The Delaware Democratic Party hailed the choice of Harris.

“There’s no fight that’s too big for Kamala Harris,” said Delaware Democratic Party Chairman Erik Raser-Schramm in a prepared statement. “I’m thrilled she will be in Joe Biden’s corner for the soul of our nation this fall.”

Jane Brady, chair of the Delaware Republican Party, said she was a little surprised Biden chose Harris.

“She brings energy and youth to the ticket, and I think that’s important for Biden, but she doesn’t bring California,” Brady said. “He carried California anyway.”

Raser-Schramm said that as senator and California’s attorney general, Harris “consistently stood up for the American people, cracking down on mortgage fraud committed by the big banks, fighting big oil to protect the environment, taking on the NRA and winning, and laying the groundwork for marriage equality.”

Harris has been a member of the Senate intelligence and Judiciary committees, Raser-Schramm pointed out.

“Americans should take heart that as vice president, she’ll ask the hard questions in the Situation and Cabinet rooms,” he said. “She’s been on the right side of history time and time again, and she’ll help make history with Delaware’s Joe Biden this November.”

Brady, a former Delaware attorney general and state judge, said she wasn’t sure how much Harris will help Biden with Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

“They must have done some focus groups to figure out that she was going to help there,” Brady said. 

When Harris was running for president herself, she didn’t have a very well-defined platform, Brady said, and it was hard to imagine what a Harris administration would look like.

“I don’t think she has enough experience in the world of politics,” Brady said. Both women served as AGs, and Brady said what they deal with is very different than what a governor deals with.

Brady believes Biden and Harris have one problem in common. Both once were seen as pro-law enforcement, but now both have lost that luster because of positions they’ve taken on other issues, she said.

Biden has never dealt with criticism of his support of the 1994 crime bill, Brady said., That included the three-strikes rule and escalating penalties for people convicted of drug charges. Many people believe that bill unfairly targeted blacks, she said.

President Trump’s campaign already has put out an ad about Harris, pointing out that she adopted Bernie Sanders’ idea of Medicare for all and that she has proposed trillions of dollars in tax increases, Brady said.

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