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This is bigger than football

Received from Delaware Athletics

Will Knight (Sophomore RB with Delaware Football)

Ever since I was a little kid, the fall meant one thing.


From Pee Wee football to high school to college, all year, we built for the fall and football. We worked and worked and worked. It’s what we’ve always known.

And in one 30-minute zoom call, our goals and plans were derailed.

For the past four months, our worlds had been flipped upside down. Classes were online. Position meetings were online. We are wearing masks everywhere. Can’t go to the gym to workout.

And now, it was flipped upside down again and we faced the reality that the one thing that we all had been doing every fall since we were old enough to hold a football was gone.

For our team, we know that this pandemic is way bigger than Delaware football. It’s way bigger than the brotherhood that we built and the bond we have with a community that fills Delaware Stadium every fall. This is about the health and safety of our relatives, our neighbors, our professors, the people we see at restaurants, it’s about the safety of that same community that supports us every Saturday.

While we know all of that, it doesn’t make it easier. To be frank, this sucks. We want to play football. We want to take the field and bring together that community, but we know that right now, that opportunity will have to wait.

For us, this has been about facing adversity and coming out on top. Each and every one of us have faced adversity in their lives. We’ve been doubted. We’ve been knocked down. We’ve had to overcome obstacles. For us, that’s what this is, it’s another obstacle that we’ll overcome and we’ll do it together as one brotherhood.

Ever since the spring, this team has had the motto of finding a way. That motto will stay that way no matter if we’re in the weight room or practice field or classroom. We have to find a way to challenge each other, push each other to get better every single day for the opportunity to step back on the field wearing the Blue & Gold.

And don’t you worry, we’ll be ready when that time comes.

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