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Swimmers warned that bacteria levels are raised at Rehoboth Beach

The bacteria most likely came from animals and was washed into the water by Tuesday night's rain.

Swimmers at Rehoboth Beach have been warned by the state not to swim near Rehoboth Avenue because elevated levels of bacteria have been found in beach water there.

The sample was taken Wednesday by environmental scientists for Delaware’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

The elevated levels of bacteria are most likely associated with rainfall that occurred on Tuesday night. These bacteria often originate from wildlife sources.

Increased rainfall, wave or wildlife feeding near the surf including shorebirds, marine mammals, or other warm-blooded animals, can result in these indicator bacteria washing into near-shore waters.

The state’s Recreational Water Program staff is collecting another water sample. Results from it will be available Friday afternoon, at which time a decision will be made to lift the current recreational swimming advisory or to extend it.

The current advisory status for DNREC-monitored beaches and water bodies is at

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