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Meet the fire-surviving duo from Barrett’s Run Apartments

Percy and Bunny cats managed to survive the chaotic night of an apartment fire to be reunited with their owners the next morning.

A fast-spreading apartment blaze in Newark made headlines this past spring when it destroyed over two dozen apartments, displaced over 5o residents and sent three firefighters on the scene to the hospital.

While there were no serious injuries among residents, the roaring flames caused the entire roof to collapse and $1,000,000 in damages to the Village of Barrett’s Run Apartments on May 11, forcing the complete evacuation of the building.

Several residents dashed from the apartments with only a few cherished belongings.

Incredibly, two furry felines managed to survive the tumultuous night before being discovered the next morning and eventually being reuniting with their owners.  

Search for Percy turns up nothing

The two cats, Bunny and Percy, belong to tenant Christy Wall.

Wall’s husband did all he could to get back indoors to try and rescue their two cats, but firefighters told them it was not safe and they needed to retreat. Several hours later, the Walls were given permission to enter their devastated apartment to search for their cats. They found Bunny, the green-eyed cat, but Percy, the calico, was nowhere to be found: The Walls had no choice but to try again the next day.

The next morning, as a crew arrived to start the cleanup process, they were alerted that there might be a cat needing rescue. Sure enough, after 10 hours holed up in a burnt apartment, hiding beneath the box spring of a mattress, the crew found Percy.

“Bunny was incredibly happy and relieved to be reunited. She snuggled up on the bed at the hotel and slept for hours without moving,” stated Wall. “Percy was a different story. Even after being reunited, she was terrified and crawled behind the couch for a few days. It was really rough.”

Flash forward a few weeks and the entire Wall family is settling into a new home base. Life is slowly getting back to normal: Wall is happy to have both of her cuddly companions back safely, and the cats are happy they still have eight more lives.

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