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Et tu, Philly? City of Brotherly Love puts Delaware on its quarantine list

The First State is landing on the lists because it has more than 90 new cases of coronavirus per 100,000 residents.

If you want to go to dinner in Philadelphia, be prepared to stay for two weeks.

The City of Brotherly Love put Delaware on its list of states that residents shouldn’t go to, and if they do, should quarantine themselves for two weeks when they return.

Delaware residents traveling to Philly will be asked to quarantine for two weeks, too. So dashes north for cheesesteaks could be a big no-no, not to mention time suck.

The city’s move follows Delaware landing on New York, New Jersey’s and Connecticut’s quarantine lists Tuesday because the First State has had more than 90 new cases of coronavirus per 100,000 residents.

Gov. John Carney wasn’t happy about that in his weekly COVID-19 press conference Tuesday. He said the state was only included on quarantine and travel advisory lists because it had been aggressively testing people in Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach.

The governor noted that Delaware’s 5.3 percent overall rate of positive tests for coronavirus was minuscule compared to the rates of its new shaming list buddies, Arizona’s 25.3 percent, Florida’s 18.7 percent and South Carolina’s 16.6 percent.

The Pennsylvania website didn’t really address what should happen to people who live in one state and work in the other. Or how aggressively it would be looking at car license plates.

It did say that if people couldn’t quarantine after returning from Delaware, they should wear masks at work and in public and avoid being close to family and friends — which could make runs across the border to Trader Joe’s and liquor stores a whole lot of bother.

The list includes 16 states, with Delaware the clear outlier along with the entire Deep South and a block of states out West that include California.

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