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On Tuesday, September 13, local Republican voters will be deciding which candidate they want to represent their County district in the upcoming general election. The 2nd District of the Sussex County Council represents several towns in Sussex County including parts of Ellendale, Georgetown, Greenwood, Laurel, Milford and Millsboro. The two Republican candidates are Lisa Briggs and Samuel Wilson.

Samuel R. Wilson, Jr., serves as the 2nd district councilman on the five-member Sussex County Council, representing northwestern and central Sussex County, including Georgetown, Greenwood, Lincoln, Milford and Millsboro. Elected to Council in 2008, Mr. Wilson currently serves as the body’s vice president. A lifelong resident and farmer in Sussex County, Mr. Wilson is a supporter of preserving agriculture, creating jobs and protecting individual property rights. Mr. Wilson and his wife, Helen, live near Georgetown and are the parents of four grown children and grandparents to eight grandchildren.

 1. Why are you running for Sussex County Council?

I have lived here all my life and I know Sussex County and the many needs they have. I want to make Sussex County a safe and happier place for my family and friends

2. What personal or professional background will assist you in performing the duties of Sussex County Council?

I have been an independent farmer – by being a farmer I try to never lose sight that bills must be paid. You can’t overspend on the farm or the farm will suffer. I have watched our state get into debt by not watching their spending. We seem to spend more than we make. We live beyond our means. That we can’t do and be successful.

3. What local challenges do you believe are most significant and how will you assist in finding a solution?

Creating and keeping jobs. Less government at a limited minimum.

4. How will you work with local officials to meet the needs of residents within the district you represent?

Through experience and knowledge of the needs of Sussex County. I will continue to work with local business to ensure their needs are met.

5. Give an example of something Sussex County Council has done to improve the quality of life for residents of Delaware.

Keeping taxes low by properly managing county government and limiting its size and growth.

6. Give an example of something you would like to change in the next year if you are elected to Sussex County Council?

At present I can think of nothing.

7. Why should voters choose you over your opponent?

“Experience” I have served on the County for 8 years, also the Soil Conservation. I feel
I have the experience to continue the many things that have been started and need to be completed.

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