Just a Few Questions I Have

ffBy Gary John, Eagle 97.7

So when I was thinking about what to write this week I was thinking i would write a back to school special, but then i realized that the kids would already be back to school so I would try to buck my trend of behind two steps behind and scrap that idea. Then I thought I might discuss the election, but I’m not a political expert and I get the feeling from looking at my Facebook page that I would just make everyone angry by writing anything slightly political so I nixed that idea too. Then as I continued to think about it I realized that there are quite a few things I often wonder about and I’m thinking you may too. Now i don’t have the answer to any of these questions, but I thought maybe we’d both feel better by knowing that it’s not just us.

Here’s one, why is it that we can’t disagree anymore without it turning into animosity? This one sort of popped up from my 2 second thought of writing an election article, we’ve all seen the threads on Facebook or watched a “debate” on tv, it always seems to wither into either talking over one another and trying to be the loudest or just silly name calling and finger pointing. If anyone has ever truly been in a debate it’s actually quite an entertaining exercise, one topic, 2 sided, bring facts and examples to support your argument and most importantly have a genuine respect for your opponent and listen to their point of view. At the end we may not change each other’s mind, but at least we were open to hearing what they had to say. I really believe that we’d all be better off if we just stopped and listened more, especially when someone we don’t agree with is talking.

Why won’t anyone take the last of something? Are we all so afraid of putting something in the garbage that may fill the can that we refuse to take that last donut, drop of milk or last crust of break? This happens in a lot of workplace kitchens or at your house, I descend into an irrate Tasmanian devil when it comes to these situations and wish I could wrap my head around this one!

How does anyone root for the Dallas Cowboys? Given that you have 3 much more regional choices to pick from here, why would you root for the Cowboys? Come on, they should be called un-America’s team, in fact I saw a joke on Facebook yesterday that was a picture of a can with a Philadelphia Eagles logo on it and it said “finally a beer that won’t leave rings on your table” a chide at the fact that the Eagles have never won a Super Bowl and of course this was being shared across Facebook by friends of mine that are Cowboys fans (although I’m re-thinking their friends status at this point) and it got me thinking that if these Cowboys fans are so worried about rings being left on their 20 plus year old coffee tables maybe I should let them know where their nearest furniture store is because it may be time for them to get into the 21st century.

Why are we so afraid to make our kids solve their own problems, I’m not talking about letting them starve or digging themselves out of the hole you buried them in at the beach, but how many times (and I’m guilty of it too) have you gotten to work or you get a text at home that says “Mom, I forgot my gym clothes” or “Mom, I spilled chocolate milk on my shirt” and you jump up from whatever you are doing and take them what they “need”? Would it be the worst thing if they walked around with a milk stain for a day or had to deal with the consequence of an unprepared because they weren’t responsible enough to remember their gym clothes? Maybe if we let them fail once in a while and learn how to deal with the feelings associated with that, they might try harder not to fail in the future.

And why does the summer have to be over? I know you’re going to say, it’s not over, but trust me it’s over! It ended as soon as you bought a polo shirt or pencil case. At least we have football. Thanks for letting me ponder some of these with you and if you want to share any answers you might have, I’d love to hear from you, I’m on twitter @Eagle977Middays or you can e-mail I’ll see you on the radio, every weekday from 10am-2pm on Eagle 97.7.

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