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Burton Running for County Council

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On Tuesday, September 13, local Republican voters will be deciding which candidate they want to represent their County district in the upcoming general election. The 3rd District of the Sussex County Council represents northeastern Sussex County including parts of Ellendale, Milford, Milton, Lewes and Slaughter Beach. The four Republican candidates are Kevin Burdette, Irwin Burton III, Mark Shaeffer and Frank Shade.

I.G. Burton III, 55 years of age, graduated from Milford High School and received a Bachelor of Science from Washington College in Chestertown, MD. He served as Vice President in his family business, I.G. Burton car dealerships, for 30 years. Currently serving as Chairman of the Board of Bayhealth Medical Center, Burton also serves as a member of the Planning & Zoning Commission for Sussex County and Committee on Transportation and is a trustee of the University of Delaware. He lives in Lewes with his wife Jullie.

1. Why are you running for Sussex County Council?

My name is I.G. Burton I have lived in Lewes for last 23 years. I have lived in Sussex County my whole life. I am a republican and have been a republican my whole life. I spent 30 years in the car business and sold out to my Brother in 2011. The car business is like any other business and I was very good at it. I will bring this business experience to the County. I decided to run because the County is at a crossroad. We have to start looking at things differently. We have to start beginning to work towards the same vision. We have to have better relationships with the Towns, the State agencies and the county that we serve. My involvement with DOT has made many improvements in Sussex county and there are many more to come. My involvement with the Planning and zoning for the last 11years gives me the experience needed for this job. My record is clear and open for all to review. I am the only candidate here who has record of how and why I voted the way I did on each and every land uses application. No one else on this platform has this record. For these and many others is why I am qualified to serve as county council for the third district. We cannot afford to make a mistake. I am the clear choice.

2. What personal or professional background will assist you in performing the duties of County Council ?

I have been on the planning and zoning commission for 11 years. This amount time has allowed me to see how the decisions we made effect the County. This experience is irreplaceable. Having 30 years in business will be an addition to the County Council. Additional my DOT, Bay Health and University of Delaware board experience will be an asset to preforming the duties of County Council.

3. What countywide challenges do you believe are most significant and how will you assist in finding a solution ?

The challenge most significant to me is the re-write of comprehensive land use plan. This document creates how the County will look and act for the next 10 years. All of us make up the County. All of us needed to be involved in this process. As a Planning and Zoning commissioner I will be listening and I would like to hear from you.

4. What local challenges do you believe are most significant and how will you assist in finding a solution ?

The most significant local challenge we are faced with as a County is economic  development. We must always be looking for ways to help assist in created jobs. I have run a business and will bring business solutions to help create more jobs.

5. How will you work with local officials to meet the needs of residents within the district you represent ?

Working with the local officials has never been more important. The County has grown, the population has grown, the towns have grown. Now is the time for us all to work together. I have the skill set to bring groups together with common vision.

6. Give an example of something Sussex County Council has done to improve the quality of life for citizens in Delaware.

Sussex County has an agreement with State Police of Delaware to provide funding for additional troopers. Protecting the citizens of Sussex County must be the top priority of County Council. I support this agreement and always will.

7. Give an example of something you would like to change in the next year if you are elected to Sussex County Council.

In todays times internet access is part of life. It is my belief the County Council needs to look at providing internet access to all. Secondly, we must be a County easy to do business with. County Council has to play a bigger a roll in economic development of the County.

8. Why should voters choose you over your opponent on Tuesday, September 13 ?

I love this County. I have never lived anywhere else and I have no intension on leaving now. I want to make this place a livable better place. We must act now! It is not to late but the hourglass is low. It’s time for leadership. I am the only candidate who has the experience and the relationships with County, State, Towns and citizens to do the job.

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