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Families with questions regarding the upcoming 2016-2017 school year are encouraged to contact their child’s school directly or the Milford School District office at (302) 422-1600. Detailed information for each school site can be found at http://www.milfordschooldistrict.org. The following is information that may be useful for families as the school year gets ready to begin.

School Phone Numbers

Morris Early Childhood Center – (302) 422-1650

Benjamin Banneker Elementary School – (302) 422-1630

LuLu Ross Elementary School – (302) 422-1640

Mispillion Elementary School – (302) 424-5800

Milford Central Academy – (302) 430-7900

Milford High School – (302) 422-1610

School Start Times

Important instructional activities occur at the beginning of the day when students are most alert.  Families are encouraged to limit the number of tardies for students to maximize their time in class. Ross, Banneker and Mispillion classes start at 7:35 am with buses and families dropping students off between 7:15 and 7:35 am. Dismissal is at 2:10 pm for these schools. Morris Early Childhood starts at 8:40 am with buses and families dropping off students between 8:20 and 8:40 am. Dismissal for Morris is at 3:10 pm. Pre-K A.M. is held from 8:35 am to 11:35 am and Pre-K P.M. is held from 12:10 pm to 3:10 pm. Milford Central Academy begins at 8:40 am with buses and families dropping students off between 8:20 and 8:35 am. Dismissal is at 3:15 pm. Milford High School classes begin at 7:38 am with buses and families dropping students off between 7:25 and 7:35 am. Dismissal is at 2:25 pm.

Open Houses

Milford School District welcomes families to upcoming Open Houses at each school:

Morris Early Childhood Center – Monday, August 22 (4:45-5:45 pm)

Benjamin Banneker Elementary School – Monday, August 22 (grades 1-2 from 2:30-3:30 pm; grades 3-5 from 3:30-4:30 pm)

LuLu Ross Elementary School – Monday, August 22 (grades 1-2 from 2:30-3:30 pm; grades 3-5 from 3:30-4:30 pm)

Mispillion Elementary School – Monday, August 22 (grades 1-2 from 2:30-3:30 pm; grades 3-5 from 3:30-4:30 pm)

Milford Central Academy – Monday, August 22 (5-6:30 pm)

Milford High School – Thursday, September 8 (6-7:30 pm)

Student Transportation

Bus route information has been mailed to all families in the district; if you have not received, please contact the Transportation Office at (302) 424-6476. In order to change a student’s transportation, the student’s parent/legal guardian should appear in person at the Transportation Office and provide the following documentation: completed Application for Student Transportation form – available online or at the Transportation Office; proof of residency (for address changes) – mortgage or lease, utility bill in parent/guardian’s name; and valid state-issued photo ID. Families may contact the Transportation Office with any questions.

School Dress Code

Milford School District is proud of the professional dress by its students. The district thanks its families for their support of the dress code and assisting schools to establish an educational environment. Please remember that all clothing is to be a solid color. Dress bottom styles include khaki pants, walking shorts, capris, skorts, skirts (no slits), jumpers or dresses that are at least knee length in either of the following colors:  black, white, navy, tan or grey.  Dress tops are to be polo shirt style with 2-5 buttons, bottom-down oxford shirts or crewneck sweatshirts in either of the following solid colors:  maroon, black, gold, yellow, navy, white or grey. Unacceptable clothing includes:  hooded sweatshirts, head coverings, garments that reveal skin underneath, denim, belt buckle embellishments, baggy or form fitting apparel, or chains and spikes.

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

Milford School District discourages students from bringing cell phones and other communication devices to school. Students are prohibited from using cell phones and other electronic devices during the school day to limit distractions to student learning. If necessary, students who need to communicate with families during the school may be allowed to use a school phone. Families may contact school office staff during the school day to relay important messages to their student. The district will revisit the cell phone and electronic device policy this school year to examine possible educational and other appropriate uses during the school day.

Automated Calling and Email System

Milford School District employs the use of the automated call system.  The system communicates such events as weather delays and school emergencies, but also serve as a way for each individual school to relay important information.  This year, each call will also be sent via email. Parents are encouraged to ensure that a valid phone number and email are on file with their child’s school. The phone number listed as primary will be the one that receives the calls. Please contact the individual school to update or change this information.

Milford Parent Advisory Committee (MPAC)

The Milford Parent Advisory Committee was created to provide school related information directly to families and seek family input. The meetings are public and all families are welcome to attend. Meetings will be held on a regular basis throughout the school year and a schedule of meetings will be posted on the website.

Parent/Guardian School Visitation

Parents/legal guardians are welcome to visit their child’s school at any time during regular school hours. In order to ensure safety of all students, parents/guardians must sign in at the front office and provide a valid ID that will be scanned through the Department of Justice database. If a parent/guardian wishes to speak with a school administrator or teacher, it is recommended that an appointment be made prior to visiting the school. This will ensure the staff member is available upon arrival and reduce the wait time.


Milford School District appreciates the work, dedication and support from its many outstanding volunteers.  For ensuring the safety and well-being of students, the following guidelines are followed by the district:

  • Each school has a volunteer application packet that includes the following required documentation for volunteers working with a student or a group of students, as well as for volunteers serving as overnight field trip chaperones:
    • Information regarding a required Volunteer Criminal Background Check through the State Bureau of Identification, Delaware State Police.
    • Delaware Child Protection Registry Request Form.
    • Delaware Department of Education Health Questionnaire For Volunteers.
    • Volunteer Contact Information Form.
  • For all volunteers serving on a single day, non-overnight field trip, a valid ID must be presented and scanned through the Department of Justice database prior to being approved as a chaperone for the trip.

Sports Physicals

Student-athletes must have a physical completed on the DIAA physical form prior to participating in any sport activity (including practice). The form is located at www.Buccaneers-sports.com or www.Milfordmiddlesports.com. Physicals should be turned into the school’s main office or the school nurse.  Milford High School practices begin on August 15. Milford Central Academy practices begin August 25.


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