Vaccination Clinic Offered at Fur-Baby Boutique

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 9.27.32 PMBy Terry Rogers

Expanding its services to include daycare services for dogs from 7am to 7pm, grooming and hotel, Fur-Baby Boutique has kept its commitment to providing awareness for local animal rescues acting as a host for adoption, discount vaccinations and educational events. Two times each month, Safe & Sound Pet Care offers a veterinary care clinic at Fur-Baby Boutique & Doggy Daycare in downtown Milford.

The clinic is run by Dr. Lea Tammi, Veterinarian MD and her assistant, Wanda Boogaard. Dr. Tammi owned and operated Kirkwood Animal Hospital and was a shelter veterinarian for 15 years. “While I was at the shelter, the main reason most people turned in their pets was because they simply could not afford veterinary care,” Dr. Tammi said. “When I retired, Wanda came to me and told me that we needed to start a home visit and wellness clinic business. She put the entire thing together and the two of us spend our days traveling Southern Delaware offering affordable veterinary care.”

The clinic offers all types of veterinary care, including vaccinations, heart worm tests and preventative, leukemia tests for cats as well as microchipping of animals should they get lost. Dr. Tammi said that the service is extremely beneficial to senior citizens who may have difficulty getting out to take pets to the vet or to families with multiple pets.

“We have had clinics set up in neighborhoods, like at fire halls or senior centers,” Dr. Tammi said. “This allows for a group of people to cover the home visit cost and get more animals treated at lower prices. We are very grateful for Fur-Baby. Sherry has a smart clientele and she is very knowledgeable about animal health. We are considering coming here every week as the need seems to be increasing.”

Sue Chaffinch and her daughters were at the clinic with their dog, Shanti. Ms. Chaffinch said that she was in the store to shop and learned about the clinic. Shanti was visiting the clinic to get rabies and bordatello vaccinations as well as distemper and her nails clipped, in preparation for an overnight stay in Fur-Baby hotel.

“I heard about the clinic from a friend,” Joyce DeGrace said, standing in line with her dog Tikaani. “She is a therapy dog, so her vaccinations must be up to date. We are here today to have her chipped. There is not a fence high enough to keep this dog contained so we need to get her chipped in case she escapes.”

Julie Chilicas was at the clinic to have her dog, Roxie, chipped as well. Ms. Chilicas said that Roxie ran off a few weeks ago and they luckily found her. She found out about the clinic from the website and decided it would be a good idea to get the chip inserted at a more affordable price.

“We have gone as far south as Delmar and Dagsboro,” Dr. Tammi said. “We go to Salisbury as well. The farthest north we travel is Smryna. Having the clinic located centrally here in Milford at Fur-Baby is very beneficial as pet owners can get their wellness treatments much more easily.”

Dates for upcoming Discount Vaccination Clinics at Fur-Baby Boutique can be found on their Facebook page at For more information about Fur-Baby Boutique, Daycare, Spa & Hotel, individuals are encouraged to visit their new location at 204 NE Front Street or connect with them online at or by phone at 302-725-5078.

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