Neighbors Display Gratitude for First Responders

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 8.41.02 PMIn the midst of national and local coverage of the tragedies that have occurred within the law enforcement, fire and rescue communities, one family in Milford is going door to door raising funds for first responder families. Understanding the challenges of first responders in the line of duty and at home, the Sacks are asking for the public’s help in showing support for those that serve their local communities. In a visual display of solidarity, families that donate will receive a blue, red and white line on their curb when they support the cause.

“As a family of an emergency responder we know first-hand of the latest current events involving them,” said Trish Sacks. “People need to understand that emergency responders whether police, fire or EMS are there for anyone and do not discriminate based upon race, religious beliefs, gender or age.”

As a family of five, Lewis and Trish Sacks are actively involved in community emergency services. Lewis has over 27 years in emergency services in multiple states, with the latest here in Sussex County. He also is involved in training people in CPR. Prior to moving to Delaware, Trish was involved in the emergency services for over 10 years. Their three children have grown up around their “second family” of emergency responders and love to help and be involved in any way they can. Ready to help anyone if they are asked to, the Sacks kids are interested in possibly becoming more directly involved in the first responder family in the future. Until they are old enough to officially join local services, they are sharing their love and support for the men and women that serve their community.

Walking local neighborhoods, armed with cans of blue, red and white spray paint, the Sacks children are asking for donations for first responder organizations. Each line, for a $1 donation, will be painted on the curb in front of the donor’s home. Money raised from the blue line will be sent to help the Baton Rouge Union of Police Fallen Hero’s Fund, money raised from the red line will be sent to help the family of the fallen Delaware firefighter Tim McClanahan and money raised from the white line will be sent to the Sussex County Paramedic Association.

The Sacks family believes that it is important for children to learn about first responders at an early age and to be involved with supporting local police, fire and EMS. “People of all ages should respect the authority and respect Police Fire and EMS,” said Trish. “They are all there to answer the call for help. Kids should not be afraid and run.”

Families and individuals that would like to get involved in this project and show support of emergency responders by having these colored lines painted in front of their house, can contact Trish Sacks at

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