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Milford Road Construction Slows Traffic

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.49.34 AMBy Terry Rogers

Several road construction projects in Milford have slowed traffic through town with many residents and visitors complaining that their commute has been extended significantly. One of the projects on Rehoboth Boulevard is in an area heavily travelled by Milfordians. Social media posts have indicated that drivers are experiencing delays of as much as half an hour to get from the Mispillion Bridge to Dairy Queen at Northeast Tenth Street.

Rehoboth Boulevard is not the only area in Milford where drivers are experience significant delays. A road project on Milford Harrington Highway has slowed traffic for several months. In addition, sections of the road have been uneven as road crews scrape old asphalt in order to replace it with new. In addition to roads within Milford, Killen’s Pond Road from Paradise Alley Road to Carpenter Bridge Road is closed for full depth reclamation, requiring drivers to detour around the closure. This is also adding to the commute for drivers in the area.

“We are resurfacing several areas of roadway in Milford,” said Brad Saboria, an engineer with DelDOT. “The current projects are on Milford Harrington Highway, Rehoboth Avenue and Walnut Street. All work is being performed by contractors, not state road crews.” According to DelDOT, drainage repairs are also being performed on Rehoboth Boulevard.

With increased traffic during the summer months due to the tourism industry, many people wonder why DelDOT performs the majority of their major repairs in the summer months. According to experts in road construction, surface mix needs to be applied in temps of 60 degrees and rising for most overlay products. Many hot mix plants that provide the materials for road resurfacing close from November to April for maintenance and repairs, depending on weather and temperatures. In addition, daylight savings times allows crews to work longer hours so that the road is under construction for less time.

Many drivers are also reporting some issues with the flaggers at the construction sites. Some have reported near accidents when two vehicles are directed into the same lane going in opposite directions while others feel that flaggers are waiting too long to switch between the two traffic directions when only one lane is open.

“Anyone who observes issues with any road condition, including flagger activity, can report it directly to DelDOT,” Mr. Saborio said. “They can call the hotline at 1-800-652-5600 or 302-760-2080. There is also an online form available to report any road conditions.”

Mr. Saborio said that there are no other proposed projects planned for the Milford area in the near future. He said that the NE Front Street Grade Separated Intersection is proposed for 2018. This project will include the overpass at Route 1 and Route 14 that will connect east side of Coastal Highway at New Wharf Road, including the Woods Haven subdivision, with NE Front St into downtown Milford.

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