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Class of 2014 Mourns Loss of Two

44By Terry Rogers

On Saturday, June 18, two graduates of the Milford High School Class of 2014 were killed in a one-car accident near Memory Road in Milford. James Powell Jr., 19, and Wayne Foster, 21, were both pronounced dead at the scene. A third passenger, Malik Correa, 21, was transported to the hospital in serious condition.

James Powell, who was known as Jay, was born July 3, 1996, along with his twin sister, Jalyn. In addition to his twin sister, Jay had three other sisters, often posting on Facebook about what it was like to live in a house with four sisters.

“He hated it,” Jalyn said. “When he found out that our youngest sibling was going to be a girl, he cried. He wanted a brother so bad. He was very protective over all of us, though. He was fiercely protective of his family and always made sure we were okay.”

Jalyn said that her brother worked at Irish Eyes in Milton and was attending college. He attended both Del-Tech and Delaware State University, hoping to someday be a gym teacher and football coach. He played football in high school and Jalyn said that his teammates have been contacting her telling her how much Jay motivated them both on and off the field.

“He was funny, when people were down, he hated to see anyone sad, so he would do anything he could to make them laugh,” Jalyn said. “He played piano and drums in church. He was so good churches would call and ask him to play there. Teachers loved him, even though he could be the class clown. You could be so mad at him but he had a way to make you laugh and forget all about how mad you were.”

Jalyn said that Wayne Foster was her best friend. She said that he and Jay had just recently started spending time together and that they were not close in high school. She said that Wayne was someone she could call anytime of the day or night when she needed advice and he always had the right words to say.

“He liked taking me to church” Jalyn said. “What I mean by that is he sang in church and he was always offering to pray for people. He always knew how to encourage me and was one of my biggest supporters.” At the time of his death, Wayne was working at Timberland. Jalyn said that Jay, Wayne and Malik had begun spending a lot of time together because they all had similar personalities.

According to Jalyn, Malik’s physical injuries are healing, but he is still coming to grips with the loss of his two best friends. She said that Malik, like her brother and Wayne, has a beautiful spirit, which is why the three young men had grown so close.

A Go Fund Me site has been set up to help the families with expenses. Jalyn said that the person who set up the site was not a family friend but someone in Milford who heard of the accident and knew Wayne and Jay. Jalyn said that they were very grateful to Aaliyah Whaley for setting up the fund raising campaign and said it was a testament to the impact the two young men had on Milford.

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