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Carlisle Trains on Vacant Homes

As the work crews at the new Bayhealth Campus in SE Milford continue to prepare for the 2019 opening of the new health campus, foundations are being set and soon visible structures will start to appear. For several homes that were standing on the property at the time the land was purchased, they are in the process of being torn down. A collaborative effort between Carlisle Fire Co and Bayhealth Medical Center has ensured that these homes are not wasted by simple demolition.

Not to miss an opportunity for their crews to learn about the challenges of their life saving efforts, Carlisle Fire Co is using these structures for training. To the common eye, firefighters may seem like the battalion that comes to extinguish the fire but there is much more when lives are involved. The critical seconds and minutes upon entry into a home mean the difference between life and death.

“These houses are allowing us to train in a safe environment while we stress the details of an extraction and the fire itself can change in seconds,” said Ryan Knowles Ryan Knowles, President Carlisle Fire Company. Knowles states that some of the preparation includes checking for extension fires in ceilings, breaching walls, forcible entry and roof ventilation.


Although it could be possible for the company to construct and demolish their own home, the real life scenarios help fire fighters to analyze, evaluate and remedy solutions based on the element they are met with upon entry. Subtle changes in floor plans and blocked doorways, hallways and windows can present big challenges for the men and women on the ground.

“Anytime that we can get training in a real life scenario we jump at the the idea,” said Knowles. “We could go to a real house fire tomorrow where this experience helps us to keep our crews and others safe.”

The Carlisle Fire Company has approximately 94 members and 12 pieces of equipment. The organization is currently accepting application for members in many different roles within the company. For more information individuals are encouraged to visit http://www.carlisle42.com.

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