Random Milford Musings

33By Dan Gaffney, “opinionated host of The Dan Gaffney Show” weekdays from 5:30am to 9:00am on radio station Delaware 105.9

I love Milford. I feel I need to say that up front as I share a variety of random thoughts I have about the city I call home. Some of these thoughts might be viewed by some as “negative”, so believe me when I tell you; I love Milford.

-While I am excited for the new hospital project, I am very worried about the void that will be left downtown when the hospital vacates. Until we find out a concrete plan for the existing hospital building I will remain a pessimist on the subject. I also worry about the many doctor’s office and clinics that are currently located near the hospital. What will they do, and where will they go when the hospital moves away?

-My idea for the Milford Armory is to create a year round indoor market. Think Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia or the Lancaster Market in Lancaster only smaller. The indoor space gets divided up into small booths and leased by the City to food vendors, restaurateurs, farmers. The indoor space becomes a thriving destination for foodies, and lovers of local produce and products.

-The two local printed newspapers are littering all over town, and no one seems to care. Without a subscription and without permission these newspapers are thrown onto the front lawns of local residents. I and others have to pick up this litter each week and throw it in the trash, or recycling. Since this is allowed I often wonder why businesses even bother with using the post office to mail advertisements? They should save the money and just throw the mailers on our front lawns.

-Milford may be the largest city in Delaware without a downtown bank. The exit from downtown by M and T Bank leaves only highway locations for banking. Not a good sign for downtown redevelopment, unless the concept of a brick and mortar bank is passé, in 2016. As far as I know, the only “downtown” location to get cash is the ATM in the Sunoco convenience store on Causey Avenue.

-My favorite place to shop is the Gigante shopping center. The diversity in that shopping center is wonderful, and the produce selection and price at Gigante Market is the best in Milford. Milford’s best taco and best burrito can also be found at Bibi’s Taqueria in the same shopping center on NE Front Street.

-I love hearing the church bell hymns from the steeple of the Presbyterian Church downtown. It reminds me of the time of day, and is a soothing reminder of a simpler time. Now that I know the words to some of those tunes, it often resets my mind toward God and His Grace in my life. The back of my mind also has a little fear that this wonderful tradition my someday be taken away, like in some other municipalities. If those forces complaining about “noise” or “offense” ever make their way to Milford, I hope enough traditional minded folks will oppose any effort to stop the bells.

-Without taking sides on the Milford Skating Center issue, I do wonder if Davis, Bowen and Friedel move into the Skating Center Space downtown, will that free the Walnut Street location for possible retail space? More retail storefronts downtown would be great for the city.

-If you are looking for cheap eats and a meal out, don’t forget the cafeteria inside the hospital. I am amazed at how affordable the meals are, and you don’t have to be visiting a sick relative to dine there. I’m also fond of a stroll to the Milford Little League field for a burger, fries and ice cream dessert.

-Can you believe we are about to become a two Dollar Tree city? The second Dollar Tree location is set to open in the Render’s shopping center soon. What will be the best way to distinguish between the two locations I wonder? “Wal-Mart Dollar Tree” and “Redners Dollar Tree”? “Dollar Tree north” and “Dollar Tree south” sounds like we are an important city. Maybe “new Dollar Tree” and “old Dollar Tree” would be better. I am open to suggestions. Just don’t confuse the two Dollar Tree’s with Dollar General or Family Dollar because we have those too! We should paint this on the water tower; “Milford: Got a Dollar? Spend it Here”

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