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Kenny and Sherry Blessing opened Mule Run Meats, selling all natural, locally grown beef and goat, T.A. Farms Turkey, along with pork and chicken at 1931 Bowman Road in Milford. Do you know the Blessings ? Have you tried their fresh products ?

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Pamela Fraley

Pamela Fraley Quality meats at a decent price. Their fillet mignon is great and the bacon wrapped pork loin is wonderful. The ground beef and chicken are equally as good.

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Steveandbobbie Brown

Steveandbobbie Brown We love Mule Run Meats….they are so helpful and the meat is delicious…😀

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Ann Martha Snyder Lebengood

Ann Martha Snyder Lebengood ….enjoyed the bacon wrapped pork loin, boneless chicken breast, and the burgers this week. All were exceptional!

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Charles Gleason
Charles Gleason Go there every week best filet and bacon
Going there today

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Joyce Lynch

Joyce Lynch So far I have only had their hamburgers and they are delicious.

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Bobbi Albright

Bobbi Albright Love it!

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Frederick Tate

Frederick Tate We stopped in yesterday and bought eggs and meat. What wonderful people! What fantastic produce. I hard boiled some of the eggs and they are wonderful, then had a couple fried for breakfast. Wow. tonight we had the steak. I can honestly say it waSee More

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Selena Fry

Selena Fry I do know the Blessing’s and they are wonderful people. I’ve had lots of meats from Mule Run Meats and everything I’ve had has been delicious! The steaks are great, the bacon wrapped pork loin was delicious, the bacon and ham steaks were good. Eggs and scrapple were good and my daughter loves the skirt steak. Can’t say enough good about them! If you haven’t been to Mule Run Meats you need to go!

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Melissa Blessing

Melissa Blessing Delicious and fresh! We’ve been buying the beef for years. Kenny does a great job growing quality beef. Sherry is really helpful in the store too. Best of luck to you both.

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Frederick Tate

Frederick Tate Seriously. I’ve seen people on the beach route (bay road) selling firewood, and I’ve seen yard sales, and some restaurants (with exorbitant prices and poor service) but if anyone is going to the beach this is a must stop. 10 minutes from the main road, everything individually sealed, the meat to die for, the eggs delicious, the folks friendly and helpful…It is an oasis in a desert of blah.

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Christina Marie Dayton-Wall

Christina Marie Dayton-Wall Awesome people, awesome produce, and awesome meat! Buy local, support local!!

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C Lynn Angeline Knowles

C Lynn Angeline Knowles The delivery service is awesone when you just can’t get there.

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Rick Johnson

Rick Johnson Yeah I saw that. We need to check it out

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Tamra Mahoney Frey

Tamra Mahoney Frey Thanks so much for sharing this post!

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Jackie Veal Cates

Jackie Veal Cates Where is it?

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Keith Clendaniel

Keith Clendaniel Read the post again😉

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Molly Jeff Chorman

Molly Jeff Chorman Great job Kenny!

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Kathy Wheatley Millman

Kathy Wheatley Millman Need to go there

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Carezee Bee

Carezee Bee Do they sell bison by chance?


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Katie Kenton

Katie Kenton The best steak we’ve had in a long time! 😊

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Lisa Rae Ell

Lisa Rae Ell Great products. Great people!  🐖🐮🐓🖒

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Stacey Wentzel DeHaven

Stacey Wentzel DeHaven Dan and I just went and bought some steaks and bacon so we are looking forward to cooking them up. Super nice people and helpful. We never knew it was there so thanks for the post Tina.

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Chelsea Marie

Ann Martha Snyder Lebengood /react-text react-text: 65 /react-text Discovered Mule Run Meats a few weeks ago. Filled my freezer the first time and returned again on Friday. Everything has been top quality!!!

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