Binge-watching Netflix is So Easy

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 2.14.11 PMBy Amy Reed, Eagle 97.7

Movies should have a time limit. I’m looking at you Captain America. I mean really, two and a half hours? Add on 30 minutes for trailers, drive time, and good God, I just spent more time at the theater than I did at work. Now binge watching Netflix, much easier. I literally just watched 23 hours of Bloodline in three days. Did you just say to yourself “Well that’s dumb Amy because that means you sat on the couch for almost 8 hours each day watching TV.
That’s two Captain Americas for four days.” I know, I get it, it doesn’t make sense.

Math has never been my strong suit, we know that. But binge watching a show is so much easier, and much more satisfying. And if you aren’t sure what to binge watch, may I recommend Netflix’s Bloodline. The show is two seasons in and follows a family in The Keys in Florida. The most famous character is Sissy Spacek, but the guy from Friday Night Lights, Kyle Chandler, he’s in there too. Although, it doesn’t matter what role he’s playing, he’ll always be Coach to me.

Here’s why you should watch it. The show is great, there are some slow points in the pilot, but its only an hour, suck it up. The second season does drag for a little (I fell asleep for half an episode and didn’t feel the need to rewind it), but overall the show makes you want to know what happens next. The storyline will take you an episode or two to put together, but its not one of those shows where you have to pay attention to every little detail after you realize how the story is being told. The cast fits the roles perfectly (except Coach; Coach is playing a cop and I’m over here all like “Aren’t you forgetting about practice?!”). The best part about the show is that there is no clear hero or villain. Each character has their ups and downs. At times they’re the stand up person and at others, you’re surprised at what a horrible person they’ve become.

Bloodline’s season 2 was just released on May 27th, and people are already asking about season 3. No release date yet, cool it. You catch up on Sissy and Coach, I’ll start my next binge-a-thon and let you know where to go next. It’s between Shades of Blue (J. Lo), The Affair, or Unreal. All were recommended to me, all deserving of my time on the couch. Unlike Captain America.

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