Mule Run Offers All-Natural Meats

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 7.22.58 AMBy Terry Rogers

Kenny and Sherry Blessing have been selling fresh beef to neighbors for the past ten years and Mr. Blessing said that the idea of selling retail had been nagging him for some time. It was this nagging feeling that pushed the Blessing’s to open Mule Run Meats on Bowman Road in Milford.

“We are a family run entity that sells all natural meat, locally grown, without additives in a customer friendly environment,” Mr. Blessing said. “These meats include Mule Run Farms beef and goat, T.A. Farms Turkey, along with pork and chicken. We also have honey, frozen vegetables and some seafood. We eventually plan to offer fresh produce to complement our offerings as well.”

Mr. Blessing says that beef cattle has been his true passion and that finishing out a quality product is very rewarding to him. He is a third generation farmer and has farmed in the Milford area his entire life. The farm was formed in February 2015 as Mule Run Farms after the death of Mr. Blessing’s father. The farm raises beef cattle, goats, grains and vegetables.

“Uncle Sam called me in 1972 and I served in the United States Army for two years,” Mr. Blessing, who was raised in Houston just four miles west of Milford near Blair’s Pond, said. “I took advantage of the G.I. Bill and went to the University of Delaware, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. During my senior year, Production Agriculture appealed to me and I returned to the family farm. I married in 1981 and raised two sons, Eric and Justin. I’ve never looked back.”

Mr. Blessing said that family members, neighbors and friends who purchased fresh beef from them complimented the farm on the flavor, suggesting that the couple start a retail operation. In October 2015, they opened the retail shop located at 1931 Bowman Road in Milford. Mr. Blessing says that production agriculture is a hard, demanding way of life, but that he relishes the challenge that helps him bring fresh, all-natural meats to the area.

“Our beef is grain-fed and finished to a grade of high choice,” Mr. Blessing said. “It’s dry aged for two weeks, USDA inspected and vacuum sealed. We can identify the origin of the beef we sell as well. Our customers tell us that we are reasonably priced considering the quality of meat we sell.”

In addition to selling natural meats, Mr. Blessing said that the retail location has been an opportunity to dispel some myths about production practices involving animals while also promoting Delaware agriculture. He said that he opened the retail location with a very small inventory that has grown steadily at the request of his customers. Initially, the company used word-of-mouth and social media posts to promote their products, allowing them to “sell themselves,” Mr. Blessing said.

Mr. Blessing said that Milford has always been a unique town offering diverse opportunities. He says that he feels the location of the retail shop is a great drawing card as well, due to the growth of Milford. He feels that the town has a renewed spirit to enhance its character and feels that it is a great place to do business.

“This is a work in progress and will take some time,” Mr. Blessing said. “I am very encouraged by the responses we’ve already received.”

Mule Run Meats is open Monday, Friday and Saturday from 12 noon until 6 pm. They can also be found at the Riverwalk Farmers Market in downtown Milford on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. For more information, find them on Facebook or call 302-242-2281.

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