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MHS Seniors Look Forward to Future

By Terry Rogers

On Thursday, May 26, families and friends gathered in the Bernard E. Briggs Stadium to watch as senior students accepted their diplomas. As with every graduating class at Milford and throughout the country, the students receiving diplomas were excited, anticipating their future and preparing for life as adults. For Valedictorian, Sara Lingo, this meant preparing for her first semester at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania, where she will study occupational therapy.

“My aunt is an occupational therapist and she has helped me work toward this goal,” Ms. Lingo said. “I also wanted to go into a career that would help people. To prepare for college, I have taken AP classes including AP Biology, which is one of the harder courses at college, from what I understand. I think that has prepared me to be successful at the college level.” Ms. Lingo says that she is also on the work-study program which will require her to work while she attends college and that she plans to join the Swim Team at Elizabethtown.

Salutatorian Leigh-Ann Rossetti also plans to attend college in the fall at Syracuse University where she plans to study philosophy. Ms. Rossetti said that she chose philosophy as she plans to further her education by attending law school. She also felt that Milford High School had prepared her for college-level studies due to the many AP classes available to her throughout her high school career. She advised any students entering high school now to take advantage of the AP classes as they would provide them with a challenging curriculum that encourages learning. Ms. Rossetti plans to join the swim team club at Syracuse rather than the competitive team.

Tyler Webb chose a different path after high school, choosing to enter the military. Mr. Webb said that he comes from a military family as his father, grandfather, cousins and uncles have all served in various branches of the Armed Forces. He said he selected the Air Force as the job field he chose is only accessible through the military.



“I want to work in foreign language and linguistics as part of international relations and affairs” Mr. Webb said. “I feel that the use of language is one of the most beneficial ways to help the government and, in order to enter that field, I need to have a military background. I feel very prepared for what is facing me when I enter the service.” Mr. Webb said that he had also taken AP courses that he felt would be beneficial in his military career.

Jason Kalaygian, President of the Senior Class, plans to attend the University of Delaware and major in chemical engineering. He credited his AP Physics teacher, Nate L’Armand, with preparing him for college, saying that Mr. L’Armand kept his class motivated and focused. He plans to join the engineering club, but may participate in additional extra-curricular activities once he learns what is available.

Sean Hinton, Vice-President of the Senior Class, will also attend the University of Delaware, studying mechanical engineering. “I like building things and destroying them,” Mr. Hinton said as his reasons for choosing his major. “I feel that AP Physics definitely prepared me for college. Mr. L’Armand didn’t treat us as high school students, but treated us as if we were already in college. I think that may help us more than anything” Mr. Hinton, who is a photographer, said that he hopes to become involved in some type of film or media arts club while he is at the university.

Thirty-four students made the Superintendent’s Honor Roll, an honor awarded to students that earn honor roll all 4 quarters for 4 years. The 2016 Superintendent’s Honor Roll students were Sierra Bacon, Alexis Berezansky, Colleen Combranne, Evensong Dieudonne, Shane Feightner, Molly Fulton, Alexa Gorman, Dante Harris, Jerome Harris, Jr., Dylan Hilligoss, Sean Hinton, Hailey Jester, Jason Kalaygian, Joshua Layton, Esther Lee, Sara Lingo, Kyle Maloney, Stephanie Miller and Emilee Milton.

A list of allSenior Awards can be found at https://new.delawarelive.com/delawarelive/2016/05/25/senior-awards-night-class-of-2016/.

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