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Shockley Headed to Pfieffer University




By Kevin Eickman

Over the last two seasons the Milford Buccaneers basketball team has won the Henlopen South basketball title. This success has come in large part to players doing their jobs, doing the little things that it takes to play winning basketball. While it is easy to look at the totals on a score sheet to see who had the most points or rebounds, one thing that does not always show up is heart.

In watching Shockley during his Milford career, it was clear that he always brought a passion and commitment to his team that always seemed to make a difference. Whether it was diving for a loose ball, gathering in a key rebound or making a big basket, Shockley always had a knack for being in the right place at the right time.

This past Tuesday, all the hard work and dedication paid off as Shockley signed his letter of intent to play college basketball at Pfieffer University, in North Carolina. Speaking with Shockley at his signing event, he indicated that Pfieffer felt like a real good fit. “They showed a real big interest in me with regards to basketball and I really liked the area,” Shockley said. “The entire university and the surrounding area have a real vibrant feel to it, that really appealed to me.”

While attending Pfieffer, Shockley will be studying communications. “Studying communications can take you in so many different directions after college. You could go into journalism or mass media communications, having different options really appeals to me,” Shockley stated.

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Speaking with Shockley about his time at Milford, Shockley was very happy with the success and improvement the team enjoyed while he was a member of it. “It was special to be a part of the team and I am glad I was able to do my part for them when I was there,” commented Shockley. “Being injured during the end of my senior year was a little disappointing, but I know I did what I could to help push and motivate my teammates.”

Shockley has many fond memories of Milford and knows that it will always have a place in his heart, no matter where his travels take him. “There is nothing like being able to play in front of your home town, in front of your friends and family,” Shockley said. “It’s a great feeling to be part of a community, having them embrace you and being able to represent them as well.”

In college Shockley projects to be either a shooting guard or point guard. No matter what position he plays things will be much more difficult at the next level. “There is no doubt that it is going to be harder, but you just have to dig deeper and give it your best. Good results come because of the effort you put into it,” he said.

When talking about his path to college, Shockley was quick to mention his parents. “They have always been there and supported me, allowing me to follow my dream.” said Shockley. “They sacrificed a lot to get me here and I am very grateful to have had their support the whole way as I follow my dream.”

When contacted for a comment on Shockley, Milford coach Bob Spath indicated that Shockley has what it takes to be successful in more than just college. “David is a great example of what a student  athlete should be. His signing is the start of what should lead to a promising future in college and beyond,” Spath stated.

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