Eagle Scout Completes Project for City

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 10.09.16 AMBy Terry Rogers

Brock Huey and his family were visiting the Milford Dog Park one day when Brock noticed that there was no place for the city to post information other than posts and fences. He was working toward Eagle Scout rank with the Boy Scouts of America and decided that his service project needed to complete the badge would be a display case similar to those he had seen at Brown’s Branch Park. Brock is currently a junior at Sussex Tech and was also taking a construction class at the time he came up with the idea.

“I thought it would be nice for the city to have a place where they could hang rules for the park and advertise events,” Brock said. “Originally, we had hoped people could post lost dog or pet adoption flyers, but after talking with the city, we found out that it would be better for the city to control what goes on the board.”

The structure is wooden with a roof that protects the glass enclosures from weather. It is similar to those seen at federal and state parks, with wood painted brown and the roof painted green. Brock said that he built the entire structure in his garage at home and then brought the structure to the dog park in pieces. He said he and his father, Ed Huey, were surprised at how heavy the structure was when it was put together and they struggled to lift it into place.

“There were a few people in the dog park with their dogs and they came over to help us,” Brock said. “Once it was in place, I mulched and set the stepping stones.”

Ed said that Brock took the initiative to complete the project, coming up with the design and getting supplies donated to bring the project to life. Atlantic Concrete donated the concrete used to set the structure in place and other businesses in the area donated supplies. It took about a year for Brock to finish the structure.

“I came up with the idea last year and got approval from Parks & Recreation,” Brock said. “About the time I got approval, it was time for me to start my summer job at Funland in Rehoboth. As soon as work ended, it was time for marching band to start up, so it took me some time to get to it.

Brad Dennehy, Director of Milford Parks and Recreation, said that it was quite an approval process that Brock had to go through to get the project underway. He said that the city approved it fairly quickly, but then Brock had to go through additional approvals with the Boy Scouts. Now that the structure is in place and signed off by Mr. Dennehy, he must have it signed off by his scoutmaster and submit it to a Board of Review. After conferencing with them, the project will be complete.

“It is great to see a young person come up with an idea like this that will not only benefit the city, but residents who use city facilities,” Mr. Dennehy said. “We are very excited to see this project completed, especially by a young person who came to us and didn’t ask what he could do as a project, but came to us with the project already in mind.”

The City of Milford Dog Park is located at the corner of Fisher Avenue and Marshall Street, near the Goat Island Nature Trail. The park is close to the Riverwalk, allowing residents and visitors to walk their dogs along the river to the park where the dogs can get off-leash exercise. There are also water fountains with high and low basins so that humans and dogs can refresh while visiting the park. Mr. Dennehy said that there are times when the park must be closed for maintenance and the closure dates, times and reasons can now be posted nearby for viewing.

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