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Bella Terra Releases 10,000+ Ladybugs in Local Parks

Even though the Bud & Bud Festival was a couple of weeks ago, the festival’s mascot continues to make an appearance in Milford’s parks and along the Riverwalk. This is in part to the release of thousands of ladybugs by Bella Terra Landscapes, a long-time co-sponsor of the festival. While many people consider ladybugs to be a sign of good luck and a lovely addition to lawns and gardens, what they may not realize is that these cute, spotted bugs act as a natural pesticide because they eat aphids, mites and other microscopic critters that are detrimental to plants and trees.

Bella Terra Landscapes prides itself on being an environmentally friendly company with a vested interest in improving landscapes naturally, and the Bug & Bud Festival provided a great opportunity for them to share their knowledge about the wonders of the ladybug. There are over 5,000 species of ladybugs, but the most common is the North American Ladybug, which is red and sports seven spots. It was this type of ladybug that Bella Terra employees handed out to festival goers with instructions to release them at dusk in their backyards to reap the benefits of these little red organic pest repellents.



In addition to handing out the ladybugs to delighted children and adults, Bella Terra also released over 10,000 ladybugs within city green spaces to deter pests and keep city gardens beautiful. When asked about the release of the ladybugs to help preserve plants and trees in city parks, Brad Dennehy, Director of Milford Parks & Recreation, said “This is just one of the many ways Bella Terra Landscapes has partnered with the City of Milford to make the community great.”

In fact, Bella Terra sponsors many other Milford events, including the Mispillion Shipbuilder River Race, Roaring 20’s Party, BrewGrass Festival and Eat in the Street. Additionally, they installed all the new lighting in the Farmer’s Market area and along the Riverwalk at cost, donated materials and labor to landscaping and the water management projects at the Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club and are strong supporters of Cub Scout Troup 186.
When asked to comment on his extensive involvement, Mr. Schimmel stated, “Bella Terra is a locally-owned, family company, and I truly believe in supporting the community we live in. I’m proud to be in a position to give back in ways that enhance our communities and am thankful for our loyal customers that make ‘paying it forward’ possible.”
So the next time you are strolling along the Riverwalk or enjoying some of the beautiful city parks, look for the ladybugs, compliments of Bella Terra Landscapes.



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