Being “In The Moment”

By Steve Monz, Afternoons on Cool 101.3

Everybody talks about “Being In The Moment”. Living each day like it is your last. Easier said than done really. But I got to thinking about the old saying. “It’s not the number of breaths you take in life, it is the number of moments that take your breath away”. Or something like that. I started to understand a little better why we spend our hard earned money to see someone perform live. There is a unique energy that can only be captured in a live performance.

Right at that moment. If you have ever been to a live concert you know those rare moments when band and audience come together and everything “clicks”. It is a magical moment that usually happens at some point in a live performance. Even the world’s worst band can have a moment where everyone in the room is on the same page. At the risk of sounding all 60’s groovy-wow-vibe-man, there is a zone where everything comes together in a moment of euphoria for everyone in the room. It’s probably the reason we keep going back. Some artists are better than others. I suppose that is what makes the Super Stars Super Stars. They have more of those moments.

An even rarer feat is when this powerful moment can be captured on film. It is almost impossible to get that same energy you do when you feel it live. Over the years I have come across three videos of live performances that come pretty close to capturing that feeling. Even if you dislike these bands, you can’t deny that they, and the audience, are in the “Zone”. There is an “energy” going back and forth. Each feeding off the other.

The first one is Bruno Mars Locked Out Of Heaven. If you don’t feel like joining a band after watching this video I can’t help you. And if your toe is not tapping then you should check your pulse. The whole video shows how talented this band is. And at about 2:59 it peaks in just pure audience fun. Bruno Mars Locked out of Heaven [Live in Paris]

Love the energy that performance gives out. The second video is a slow build but again hits a moment when the band and the audience come together in just a joyous musical experience. The band is Coldplay and this is a live performance of Sky Full Of Stars. In this live performance the moment truly comes at 3:21 when the confetti stars start to fly. Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars (from Ghost Stories Live 2014)

And finally, a slightly different kind of energy. But maybe the most powerful of all. The night of September 11th 2001 Sting and his band were to do a live show from his home in Tuscany. They contemplated canceling the show due to the tragic events of the day. The decision was made to use the power of music to heal. This song is a song that Sting wrote years before 9-11 but would prove to be such a powerful song. This is the live version of the song Fragile that they started the show with. Pretty emotional moment for audience and the band. Sting — Fragile (September 11, 2001 in Tuscany, Italy)

For me, this moment comes at 5:29 at the very end with the expression on Sting’s face. “Fragile” was never a hit, but it doesn’t matter. Even if you never heard the song before, you still get caught up in the live energy and emotion of the performance. It is so difficult to capture these moments in video. And I can only imagine that all three of these performances would be 100 times more amazing if you were in the audience.

And that is why we spend the money to be there live. The real honest emotion expressed musically and shared Live is unique and alive. It’s what musicians and audiences live for. Whether it’s Rock N’ Roll, Classical or Punk the message is clear. There is nothing better than “Being In The Moment”.

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Want to Know How to Advertise on Delaware Live?